Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Timeless Thoughts..."

grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage
to change the things I can,
the wisdom
to know the difference.”
Reinhold Niebuhr
(American theologian, 1892-1971)


marianne said...

Oh Margaret.........sooooooo beautiful!

LuLu said...

This is lovely work - and my favorite prayer of all time!


Caroline said...


soulbrush said...

this has always been my very favourite saying of all times, i have it up on my wall in a small card form to remind me every day.
the postman sneaked a parcel in my door yesterday and it is superb. thanks special peg.

studio lolo said...

beautiful, and so perfect with that quote.
I love how you even put in the seed-pod holes. Wonderful!

Stacey D said...

That is fabulous!!

I love the dark background with the white border and accents.

Teri C said...

SOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also love that quote, words to live by.

Lynn said...

The card is the serenity in the prayer! I can see it embroidered in threads. But then, I would!
Your painting is supurb!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I sort of expected to see a small pond with many of these lovely blossoms on it. Gorgeous.

Serena said...