Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween! :)

"Nothing on Earth is so beautiful as the final haul
on Halloween night."
~Steve Almond

Friday, October 30, 2009

"All Through the Desert..."

...this day 'fore Halloween...
Cacti tried on their costumes
which were really nifty keen!

The Mesquite are adorned with bitty berries bright...
Hoping the Hallowed Eve's moon
makes them glooow in the night.

Mr. Coyote skulks, not just one...but a few...
No scary masks are needed
for their hooowling will do!

Hark! Tomorrow's the day when hobgoblins are born...
Just watch out for those tricksters
who steal candy corn!

So, however you may dress up...or maybe, not at all...
Have fun with the celebrations
of this season of Fall!

"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story."
~Mason Cooley

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#16)..."

This beautiful batch of cards above are my returns
from the "Swirls and Curls" ATC swap
I participated in over at Illustrated ATCs.
These cards arrived several weeks ago but somehow
they were never posted until now...
Go Figure!! :)
(Click on images to enlarge for better viewing of details)
Here are the names of the artists:
Top row L-R:
Outi (Finland), Katie (Alaska), & Dana (Michigan)
Bottom Row L-R:
Nadine (Germany), Jen (Maine), & Kre (England)
A click on each name should take you to their personal ATC galleries.
What varied treasures for sure!
Lastly, this bit of liquid sunshine is from
Shayna in Alabama.
This is actually our second trade...
with more on the horizon...stay tuned!
Shayna makes an addictive series of henna patterned cards
and she is now beading the edges of some!
Simply outstanding!
Thanks for taking a peek at these artistic goodies.
I love sharing these little jewels of talent
with you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Here Is Something Old..."

...and also "Something New"...
for a "Happy Blooming Tuesday"
is wished to all of you! :)

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
~Albert Camus

Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Seasonal Magic..."

...and holiday anticipation
of these last few days of October is now upon us!
Just what will this festive time reveal?
how about a little desert style "Happy Cactus Monday"
to get the party started!!! :)
(Psst...stay tuned for a full week packed with pumpkin "palette-y" posts!)

I would rather sit on a pumpkin,
and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”
Henry David Thoreau

Friday, October 23, 2009

"What Good is a Birthday?..."

...especially without some yummilicious (eye)candy...
and a few mental musings
just sprinkled in here and there for a bit of spunk.:)
"A birthday is just the first day
of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip."
~Author Unknown

"I have a promiscuous muse.
My muse wants to own every color,
work in many media,
and in numerous genre."
~Mary Klotz

"Rekindle your creative fire by making time to play."
~Mari Messer

...and play I did...
with a total and complete adornment of my ATCs
in luscious layers of sparkly bling!!!
This birthday week
I treated my artistic Muse
to an all out, energized "free for all"...
celebrated lavishly with brush, pen, and palette.
The two of us had a ball! answer to my question:
"What good is a Birthday?..."
Here goes:

"Because time itself is like a spiral,
something special happens on your birthday each year:
The same energy that God invested in you at birth
is present once again."
~Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#16)..."

I begin this week with this "Shattered Heart" ATC
drawn in pen by Lisa in Arizona.
Lisa is currently in a Moleskine exchange
with several other artists (check out her work here)
...and...the two of us
are actually pondering the possibility of a 2way
exchange of our own!
What fun, eh?
This beautiful card is from Minami in Virginia.
I "met" her through Illustrated ATCs.
I really love the style of this card...
which was inspired by the artist Alphonse Mucha...
who, thanks to Minami,
is now becoming a favorite of mine also :)
And...speaking of favorite ATC cards
expanded by four with these beautiful beauties traded with
Marianne in the Netherlands.
Marianne is so amazing...her art is so joyful and bright.
Her imaginative compositions and designs delight me to no end.
My collection sparkles with her magic!
From the far northwest in Alaska
come these charming beauties from Patty.
I also have several of Patty's cards in my book...and each one
is so completely different from the next it is amazing.
Patty is a woman of many talents.
I am so delighted she is a bloggy friend too! :)

These three "Little Indians" are part of a series designed
by Tim in Belgium...(we also "met" through Illustrated ATCs.)
I am in love with Tim's style...and his wonderful composition.
Hopefully we will be able to trade many times more...
As a matter of fact,
Tim suggested we might collaborate making a card!
He and his daughter have done it. international collaboration!
I will keep you informed.
This happy trio is from Shayna in Alabama...
She has a cool technique using a henna applicator to apply
her white paint over a watercolor background.
So unique...and so much more controllable than brush strokes!
From Emma in England came this delicate little zentangle...
We found each other through the gallery at Illustrated ATCs...then
we set up this private trade...what fun!
Even a postal strike in London couldn't keep this trade down!
I hope to make many more in the future.
Emma has designed a series of whimsical houses I love!
Finally, the last card to arrive was from Rainie in California...
A TOTAL surprise!
I have been a fan of Ranie's zentangle work for quite
a while now...and had simply commented about a piece like this
on her new Flickr site (click here)...
and "Voila!" one like it arrived in the mail days later!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Check out Ranie's new group site here...
it is just for ATC art you DO NOT want to trade...
but still might want to share!
Cool Idea!

Thanks again everyone for a week full of artistic magic!
What a fun week it has been!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Hip, Hip, Hooraaay!!!..."

...Have a Happy Blooming Tuesdaaay!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"500 Times..." and night...
you have been with me.
Whether it be
looking, chatting, trading, sharing, laughing, crying,
wallowing, WooHooing, or wondering...
occasionally "popping in"...or becoming a "regular"
it matters not...
For we share a LOVE for the magic that art
adds to our lives
and through that...I have come to know you as
Thanks from the bottom of my heart
for again being here...this actual day for my
"Happy 500th Blogpost"!
I never ever, even in my wildest dreams,
imagined this would be a reality!
...And, what a marvelously
momentous and celebratory way to spend a
"Cactus Monday"!

( I awaken all the desert wildlife for miles around!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#15)..."

It has been a HUGE week of mail delivery from all
sorts of wonderful people in sorts of fabulous faraway places...
Gosh! It's good to be trading again!
(Click on images to enlarge...the details are amazing!)
From Renee,
a super talented illustrator living in Canada,
came these first cards of two separate trades we made.
Renee works wonders with her pen...
her lines are lovely,
her compositions magical, and her on!
Check out her website...Gorgeous eye candy!!!
From Lemurkat, in New Zealand, came this perky hot pepper.
What better a place for it to live
than with my ATC collection here in the desert Southwest!
I simply love both it and her little card from NZ!
I "met" Kat at Illustrated ATCs...
and certainly hope to trade again in the future!
Another new trading friend from iATCs is Harriet, from Indiana...
AKA "Acalla".
She paints the most beautiful moons and whimsical trees.
I love her joyful style!
What a fun addition to my moon collection!

From Donn, in Florida,
came this sweet little panda Chinese brush painting.
The Chinese character in the lower right corner is Donn's name...
The red seal in the opposite corner is for good luck!
What a fun little piece! :)

From Nadine, in Germany, came these two lovely cards...
a dream catcher and these dainty, delicate flowers.
I think they make a great pair...Love those colors!
Nadine is also a member of iATCs...
her work is always amazing and loaded with fantasy! :)
Check out Nadine's website here.

This gorgeous calla lily was a "special request" painted for me
by Nicole in Trinidad and Tobago.
We met through our Everyday Matters Flickr pages.
Nicole has a wonderfully light touch
with her tropical flowers...each one is awesome!

Above is the second part of the trade I made with Renee.
"She" is named Seiko...and arrived all nestled in her
beautiful kimono inspired notecard.
Check out the cool Canadian stamps also...
trading is so much fun in so very many ways!
I am also accumulating a glorious collection of international stamps in the process too!

From Melanie, in Australia, came these two beautiful
zentangle inspired cards.
Melanie always puts a creative twist
in her artwork...We have traded several times...
and I hope many more times in the future.
I am a really big fan of her designs.

Lastly, from out of nowhere, in flew this stunning surprise from Laurel.
I cannot even begin to share with you
my delight...Laurel's work is like no other...
filled with intrinsic meaning, love and specialness...what
a treat to have a piece like this of hers!
My heart is overwhelmed.
You can check out Laurel's art in her Etsy store here.

All of these treasures are special to me...
each in its own individual way.
I thank you...each and every one...from the bottom of my heart.
Sharing one's art is sharing part of one's soul.
Thanks for including me in your life's passion!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"A Bit of 'Biozen' Bounty..."

...on a beautiful "Blooming Tuesday"!
(This little card has been uprooted from the desert
and newly transplanted in Juneau, Alaska
with Katie.)
Have a bloomin' happy day all!

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.
(Ancient Roman classical Poet and Author of Metamorphoses, 43 BC-17)

Monday, October 12, 2009

"A Dual Purpose Post..."

...A perky prickly pear for Cactus Monday players
and, also...
a funky little Illustration Friday drawing...
based on the theme
from a few weeks back: "Pattern."
Why not seek out and enjoy
some new patterns in your routine today?
Have a great one! :)

Do not become paralyzed and enchained
by the set patterns which have been woven of old.
No, build from your own youthful feeling,
your own groping thought
your own flowering perception.”
Lotte Lehmann

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Just To Breathe..."

a breath of fresh air into your heart
and blow away those "Blues"...
that would be my wish today...simply because
I want you to be filled
joy and art...
and I want your life's palette to giggle
once again.

"A fresh mind keeps the body fresh.
Take in the ideas of the day,
drain off those of yesterday.
As to the morrow, time enough to consider it
when it becomes today."
~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
(British politician, poet, critic and prolific novelist, 1803-1873)

Friday, October 9, 2009

"The Way We Were..."

...once upon a time...
in the Bahamas...on Spring Break...
Just a bunch of carefree sorority sisters livin' the good life!
And...this weekend,
for Homecoming,
at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois
several of these very same Chi Sigma Phi/Delta Gamma
will again be having the time of their life...
celebrating, reminiscing, reflecting and
reliving those glorious moments
of the good ol' days.
I will be here in Arizona...
but with you in Chi Phi spirit for sure
thinking fondly of
each and every one of you who became my new "family"
far away from home
those wonderful, crazy, and endearing
years away at college.
(Psst...In case you forgot...I'm the one in the center
of the back row...
wearing my college body!)
Now, just where has all that time gone???
And, where did I put that body!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#14)..."

Nothing beats it...a Family celebration!

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.
Anthony Brandt

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Despite Being Neglected..."

...Overgrown...and prone to infestation...

...Nature still found a way for my Illinois garden
to bloom.
We must each must do the same for ours spirits and hearts.
Bloom today...
bloom as brightly and beautifully as you can...
...despite it all!
(Posted for JB and with sent with a great big hug!)

"Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul."
~Linda Solegato