Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#15)..."

It has been a HUGE week of mail delivery from all
sorts of wonderful people in sorts of fabulous faraway places...
Gosh! It's good to be trading again!
(Click on images to enlarge...the details are amazing!)
From Renee,
a super talented illustrator living in Canada,
came these first cards of two separate trades we made.
Renee works wonders with her pen...
her lines are lovely,
her compositions magical, and her on!
Check out her website...Gorgeous eye candy!!!
From Lemurkat, in New Zealand, came this perky hot pepper.
What better a place for it to live
than with my ATC collection here in the desert Southwest!
I simply love both it and her little card from NZ!
I "met" Kat at Illustrated ATCs...
and certainly hope to trade again in the future!
Another new trading friend from iATCs is Harriet, from Indiana...
AKA "Acalla".
She paints the most beautiful moons and whimsical trees.
I love her joyful style!
What a fun addition to my moon collection!

From Donn, in Florida,
came this sweet little panda Chinese brush painting.
The Chinese character in the lower right corner is Donn's name...
The red seal in the opposite corner is for good luck!
What a fun little piece! :)

From Nadine, in Germany, came these two lovely cards...
a dream catcher and these dainty, delicate flowers.
I think they make a great pair...Love those colors!
Nadine is also a member of iATCs...
her work is always amazing and loaded with fantasy! :)
Check out Nadine's website here.

This gorgeous calla lily was a "special request" painted for me
by Nicole in Trinidad and Tobago.
We met through our Everyday Matters Flickr pages.
Nicole has a wonderfully light touch
with her tropical flowers...each one is awesome!

Above is the second part of the trade I made with Renee.
"She" is named Seiko...and arrived all nestled in her
beautiful kimono inspired notecard.
Check out the cool Canadian stamps also...
trading is so much fun in so very many ways!
I am also accumulating a glorious collection of international stamps in the process too!

From Melanie, in Australia, came these two beautiful
zentangle inspired cards.
Melanie always puts a creative twist
in her artwork...We have traded several times...
and I hope many more times in the future.
I am a really big fan of her designs.

Lastly, from out of nowhere, in flew this stunning surprise from Laurel.
I cannot even begin to share with you
my delight...Laurel's work is like no other...
filled with intrinsic meaning, love and specialness...what
a treat to have a piece like this of hers!
My heart is overwhelmed.
You can check out Laurel's art in her Etsy store here.

All of these treasures are special to me...
each in its own individual way.
I thank you...each and every one...from the bottom of my heart.
Sharing one's art is sharing part of one's soul.
Thanks for including me in your life's passion!


Renee said...

What a lovely idea to keep a record of your trades like this! I feel special to be included! :)

melanie said...

I love reading these posts of yours, they're always filled with such wonderful works of art! (and even sometimes some of mine!)

thank you Margaret, for your Thankful Thursday posts! I love them :)

LemurKat said...

What a delightful idea! Showing off the wonderful art received. And it most certainly is. Thank you so much for featuring me.

Maybe I should start doing this in my blog?


Caroline said...

What a fantastic collection - so many beauties here! Laurel's gifts are so gorgeous - I saw her post about the raven you sent her! Your post reminds me that I can finally mail something now that you are back!

soulbrush said...

these are so beautifully displayed here. what a lovely selection

studio lolo said...

The unlimited possibility of ATC's amazes me. What a showing here!

I'm glad I surprised you ;)
See how good it feels?


yoon see said...

Really lovely gifts from friends.
They are a good collection Margaret!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Once again you have been mightly blessed. What a diverse bunch of atcs. They are all inspirational.

Teri C said...

Wow, each one is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Indeed you are blessed with beauty.

Donn said...

Thanks for featuring one of mine. You sure have had a good Thursday, what a lovely collection of ATCs.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What an amazing collection. Where do you keep them all??

PAK ART said...

So when exactly do you have time to create your beautiful drawings? I get overwhelmed when I need to send out 2 ATC's! lol These are all beautiful - I love that everyone has their own unique styles - just beautiful.

freebird said...

What super mail. Terrific stuff here and such variety.