Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#16)..."

I begin this week with this "Shattered Heart" ATC
drawn in pen by Lisa in Arizona.
Lisa is currently in a Moleskine exchange
with several other artists (check out her work here)
...and...the two of us
are actually pondering the possibility of a 2way
exchange of our own!
What fun, eh?
This beautiful card is from Minami in Virginia.
I "met" her through Illustrated ATCs.
I really love the style of this card...
which was inspired by the artist Alphonse Mucha...
who, thanks to Minami,
is now becoming a favorite of mine also :)
And...speaking of favorite ATC cards
expanded by four with these beautiful beauties traded with
Marianne in the Netherlands.
Marianne is so amazing...her art is so joyful and bright.
Her imaginative compositions and designs delight me to no end.
My collection sparkles with her magic!
From the far northwest in Alaska
come these charming beauties from Patty.
I also have several of Patty's cards in my book...and each one
is so completely different from the next it is amazing.
Patty is a woman of many talents.
I am so delighted she is a bloggy friend too! :)

These three "Little Indians" are part of a series designed
by Tim in Belgium...(we also "met" through Illustrated ATCs.)
I am in love with Tim's style...and his wonderful composition.
Hopefully we will be able to trade many times more...
As a matter of fact,
Tim suggested we might collaborate making a card!
He and his daughter have done it. international collaboration!
I will keep you informed.
This happy trio is from Shayna in Alabama...
She has a cool technique using a henna applicator to apply
her white paint over a watercolor background.
So unique...and so much more controllable than brush strokes!
From Emma in England came this delicate little zentangle...
We found each other through the gallery at Illustrated ATCs...then
we set up this private trade...what fun!
Even a postal strike in London couldn't keep this trade down!
I hope to make many more in the future.
Emma has designed a series of whimsical houses I love!
Finally, the last card to arrive was from Rainie in California...
A TOTAL surprise!
I have been a fan of Ranie's zentangle work for quite
a while now...and had simply commented about a piece like this
on her new Flickr site (click here)...
and "Voila!" one like it arrived in the mail days later!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Check out Ranie's new group site here...
it is just for ATC art you DO NOT want to trade...
but still might want to share!
Cool Idea!

Thanks again everyone for a week full of artistic magic!
What a fun week it has been!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a treasure trove of atcs. They are all remarkable.

Serena said...

WOW....what an amazing array of ATC goodies! Each so beautiful and unique in their own way.

soulbrush said...

what unique and wonderful atcs. just like yours.

Lynn said...

I love when bloggers share with all what they got in art. Thanks you have some treasures here.

studio lolo said...

I'm drooling, literally!
No really, my mouth is agape. Holy moly!!
What talent. I don't even know what else to say except W-O-W!!!

marianne said...

What a lot of beautiful things you have got in return of your own gorgeous cards!
You are always so busy, and all your cards are made with so much precision love and spirit.
I received your envelop yesterday loaded with all those wonderful cards, which I will show next week.

Have a nice weekend!

PAK ART said...

I'm in awe too. Other people are amazing - I look at their art and think "I want to be able to create like that!" It's an honor to be included on the same page!

kj said...

totally absolutely amazing--different, varied, unique, and amazing.

you are a magnet of and for talent.