Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#13)..."

Whew! What a variety and assortment of art this week!
Just like the multicolored fall leaves
fluttering from the trees...
gorgeous art has again landed on my doorstep!

Above are the 6 cards
I received in the Zentangle ATC Swap
In order from L-R top row: These cards are from
The bottom row are cards from:
(Be sure to click on each photo posted today to enlarge it
as there is a lot of detail in each grouping.)
Then yet another trade with Melody in Utah
brought this little Egyptian beauty
and wonderful trade goodies to accompany her.
The card so unusual as it is cut to the shape of the portrait.
I absolutely LOVE Ancient Egyptian art!
Then, from Yoon See in Malaysia
came this bountiful cultural packet of all sorts of treasures.
I love the commemorative stamp
and it gorgeous fan shaped folder to pieces.
Whew! Just look at all these goodies!
I am totally fascinated by each and every one.
Thank you so much Yoon See :)
Finally, A beautiful acrylic monotype card
entitled "Arctic Poppies"came
from Katie in Alaska.
(One of her zentangle cards is in the group photo above)
I have made several private trades with Katie
through the Illustrated ATCs group...
and each trade I make
with her is an artistic delight.
I hope you find yourself today surrounded by
artistic beauty of some type...
Fully drench yourself in this beautiful autumnal season!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are all delightful indeed.

studio lolo said...

Oh, what fabulous detail!!! Wow!
All of your goodies are wonderful ;)

PAK ART said...

These are all gorgeous. My favorite though has got to be the poppies from AK. I love poppies, they are my favorite flower.

livia said...

Thanks for showing my Zentangle at your blog.

soulbrush said...

they are wonderful, and you have to just love yoon see. she is so generous too.

Teri C said...

All are beauties!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the welcome back to the land of sunshine and....heat. lol

melanie said...

wow, I love those ATCs in the first photo!

yoon see said...

You are welcome Margaret!
All the gifts from friends are so unique and artistic.
I must find time to do ATC for all cactus monday memeber:)

marianne said...

Wow Margaret such beauties you got in the mail!!!