Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Happy Spring..."

...or Summer...
or Fall...
or Winter...
"Whatever Season You Choose to Celebrate"
in this topsy turvy wacky weather world
of ours!!!
Enjoy this little artistic repost from the past
while trying to comprehend
56+ inches of snow in northern Arizona Monday...
snow at the 2500 ft level ringing the valley..
and valley floor
temps back into the mid 80's by the weekend.
Say Whaaaat????

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"My Artistic Life..."

...much like this sketchbook page...
has been a mosaic of intertwined activities...
one layered upon the next...for the past month or so.
This page was started in December
with the heat lamp drawn in the lower right corner.
It was drawn while waiting for Marlene
over at Birt's cafe.
We were to have a zentangle inspired drawing date.
We met,
we drew a little,
and we ended up gabbing a whole lot more.
Since that was the only item on the page...
I decided to incorporate it
into a series of drawings...like a collage effect.
then came multiple health issues with my parents...
and my surgical waiting room time
became packed jammed with
tiny circles and crosshatching patterns.
I really had no intention
of filling in all the gravel areas
with such detail...it just happened.
It was my way of coping...and de-stressing.
Before I knew it
the page had become full.
The actual view is of part of my parents back yard
and if you look really closely
you can see that the dates I worked on the piece
are embedded into the drawing.
I painted it just the other night...in under
a half hour or so.
That was the first time in over a month
I was able to let the paint fly
allow my Muse to simply play.
It felt so darned good...it really, really did.
So very much more to share...later.