Monday, September 15, 2008

"An Autumn Picnic...! "

Soulbrush has decided to organise an Indian Summer I am joining her.... I would love you all to join me/us.

The plan is simple: decide what you would like to picture on your blog for the picnic on September 22.Use your imagination - It can be anything you would like to prepare, bring or do at your picnic.You may want to take a picture of picnic places, picnic things you have, the wonderful foods you will prepare, birds that might visit us, something you might wear, a pet you would like to bring with you, flowers, games to play, books to read, poems to share, anything at all. Anything.

Take a picture that expresses your Indian Summer Picnic. Post it along with whatever you would like to say about your contribution on your post. This is an all day event that transcends time zones.

You may also extend this invitation to all of your readers!

Everyone is invited.If a friend is not yet a blogger and would like to attend ask them to send you a picture or comments to post on your blog for them.

If you would like to attend,
1 RSVP in comments on this post.
2 Copy the invitation and paste it in the margin of your blog.
3 Check the comments on this blog to see who will be participating
4 Visit with each other on the 22nd to see what each of us has brought to the picnic.

I would love to see all of you, and all of your friends, on September 22nd.

Please come! I know this will be lots of fun!


soulbrush said...

so glad you're coming to the picnic...hope we won't have too many ants....

Margaret Ann said...

LOL! This should be sooo much fun...CAn't wait...My mind is afire with ideas!!! :)

Stampmaiden said...

OOO, I'd like to come! Sounds like a lot of fun and I'm all for that! Hope I'm not too late.