Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Happy Spring..."

...or Summer...
or Fall...
or Winter...
"Whatever Season You Choose to Celebrate"
in this topsy turvy wacky weather world
of ours!!!
Enjoy this little artistic repost from the past
while trying to comprehend
56+ inches of snow in northern Arizona Monday...
snow at the 2500 ft level ringing the valley..
and valley floor
temps back into the mid 80's by the weekend.
Say Whaaaat????


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are having your normal weather here in SW IN. We are breaking reacord heat days nearly every day. UGH... The garden is in overdrive. Must be outside every day so not to miss what is going on. Love this sketch. Happy Spring.

MaryO said...

We aren't breaking any heat records, but our temperatures have consistently been up to 20 degrees warmer than average all winter.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing last night on the weather reports from your area, Margaret!

raena said...

With the exception of some horrendous storms this morning, it seems that we skipped spring and went straight into summer! I've already got the AC going and it is only March! Lovely page!

Lynn said...

Such beautiful art, wonderful colors.
Spring has sprung where I am!
Colors abound, blossoms too.
We've had a tad of rain.
Sun mostly.
California is good at this.

Caroline said...

Such a pretty Spring garland :)

Alex said...

another awesome piece! Love the composition and colorsss!

Claire M said...

Happy Spring to you too! Your flowers look so happy - sure to brighten a day!

Jutta FaithDance said...

Absolutely beautiful!

marianne said...

Beautiful re post Margaret!
We are having 65 degrees here, that is 20 degrees more than normal....... well you don't hear me complain ;)
Happy Spring dear♥