Monday, October 12, 2009

"A Dual Purpose Post..."

...A perky prickly pear for Cactus Monday players
and, also...
a funky little Illustration Friday drawing...
based on the theme
from a few weeks back: "Pattern."
Why not seek out and enjoy
some new patterns in your routine today?
Have a great one! :)

Do not become paralyzed and enchained
by the set patterns which have been woven of old.
No, build from your own youthful feeling,
your own groping thought
your own flowering perception.”
Lotte Lehmann


soulbrush said...

gorgeous. hcm cactuteer. and a question: do you follow this good advice yourself, that you give to us so often?

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Margaret...It was so nice to meet face-to-face Saturday at Oktoberfest! It sure hadn't clicked that "you were you" when I had seen you before. Hope to see you at the art club soon. Would you like to come and play with the Thursday afternoon watercolor group? We'd love to have you join us!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The colors are so earthy and the patterns are so intricate. It is quite relaxing to look at this and try to see all the different patterns. HCM.

Diane AZ said...

Beautiful drawing and quote. I love your pattern that looks like pearls or peas. Happy Cactus Monday! I don't have any cactus today, just flowers.

Doug said...

What a sweet, little cactus.
It has a Native American touch
reminding me of a little bear cub.

Love those colors, patterns,
and geometric shapes- my favorite
being the triangles.

Excellent work.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Gorgeous cactus and drawing. The patterns look very soothing. Thanks for sharing.

Vickie said...

Nice color and pattern.

Ellen said...

Look at all that character in one cactus! Excellent job, Margaret!

messyfish said...

wow! I really like this one. The colours and strength in the design. Almost like a wood carving (but not!?) I love the angle it is on, and the boarders are captivating.

Sandra said...

You continue to amaze and inspire me!

Teri C said...

It is a beauteous pattern!! Love the echo-ing and colors.


Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Margaret, HCM to you too! Lovely perky prickly pear (ppp?)! Am thinking of breaking into some new patterns in my life (what a coincidence) - so thanks!

Alex said...

Marvelous! This is definitely your strongest point, and it looks absolutely beautiful. All the forms and shapes and colors and lighting combined, simply a beautiful piece and shows your love towards the plant. ^^

PAK ART said...

You ARE the Zen Master. That is beautiful.

Possum Patty said...

Fantastic! Both the patterned cactus and the quote! I like it.

deepazartz said...

O MI GOD, I just LOVE those words!!!

That is so true.

And your pattern is terrific:)