Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Zazzled, Mooed, Stamped, and Carded!"

...And Oh! What a treat each was!!!

First I was "Zazzled" with my first order of mandala stickers...WooHOO!

...Next I was "Moo"-ed 5 times by Teri in Arizona...
..."Moo-ed" another 5 times a month later by Sherry in Wisconsin...

Then I was internationally "Stamped"... ( I looove stamps of all kinds! :)
... and handmade Christmas "Carded" by Nina in Sweden!

Aren't these postal "goodies" just awesome ???
What a delight it was to go to the postal box and not just find bills!
LOL :)
Now I await all my holiday credit card expenditures to come in... as much all!
Not LOL :(


marianne said...

Wow love those stickers!
Did you order them yourself or can they be obtained at Zazzle?
The cartds are beautiful!
I would love to trade Moo´s with you.......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What lovely treats to receive via snail mail. There is something wonderful to say about snail mail.

Chris said...

These are so pretty! How cool!
I love the Moo's and the stamps, too.

studio lolo said...

I order stamps from Zazzle all the time because of how many letters and cards I write...but now I have to have some stickers made!! These are wonderful!
I love collecting stamps from my mail too. I use them in my art pieces and collages. I often use them in my moleskine. That's a beautiful one you have there!
Lots of wonderful images from talented ladies :)

Teri C said...

I think snail mail is even more fun now that everyone seems to use email. I loved your stickers and card!!!

Julie said...

The mandalas a fantastic! I like that they are stickers! I will have to check that out! I have ordered some of Teri's items on Zazzle also...what a fun thing to do!!! My mug has her rainbow cactus on it!!! My fav mug, for sure!