Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Centering Chi...

I went to Tai Chi class Monday
I left feeling amazingly centered and inches taller...Seriously!
What a fabulous feeling...and
what a beautiful art form!

It has been written that...
"Tai Chi movements have a ballet-like quality;
there is an underlying strength...
which gives one the strength of a bull;
the serenity of a Buddha."
~Sensei Sandeep Desai

Life Force...Soul...Spirit
Dan Tien...Spinning Discs...Points From which Energy Flows

Each are vital elements of Tai Chi...
all can be found freely oozing from my pen
when I am truly in the
What a fabulous feeling!

"All that we are
is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything.
What we think we become."


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds SOOOOOO nice, Margaret!

(And what a nice mention of you over at Anita's.)

No wonder you are so in the zone! Hope it lasts for a long, long, blissful time.

(: Pippa

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

No wonder you are in the 'zone' - with 30 comments on your light tour post. Is that a record?

I was a yoga fanatic until last few years when I damaged my shoulder and could not reach out or take any weight on my left arm - but with the meditation afterwards and the postures I too felt this way. Makes you feel tall, straight and almost light headed with awareness.
Love the quotes.

Kathleen said...

I love yoga but Tai Chi interests me very much - I love this beautifully centered piece and your new profile pic -

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I too like to do Tai Chi. Your mandala is beautiful.

Teri C said...

Gee, just looking at this makes me feel centered! Beautiful!!

Martha said...

This post energized me, Magical!!

marianne said...

Sounds good this!
Your mandala shows for it!

suzanne cabrera said...

Love the mandala----the perfect illustration to accompany such a "centered" post!

Serena said...

I would love to do a TaiChi class one day....great post and the sayings...oh, so true ~

Btw, your mandala is beautiful!

studio lolo said...

What a beautiful mandala. It embues "centering!"
I rented a tai chi video once but never got around to doing it. People do it on the beach here and I find myself so drawn to them. I must begin!