Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Rhapsody..." Blue...and a bit more Chihuly for the soul...

is not a color one finds very often in the natural palette of the desert.
The vast open sky, the rich turquoise of gemstones,
and a few spring wildflowers is mainly where
the color is found...until now...
glistening squiggles, ferns, reeds, and stones
painted my spirit with a
refreshing, soothing and serene ambiance.
Another "Ahhhh" moment, for sure!
(Click on images to enlarge for a better view)

There is so much more to share from my day in the gardens.
I know I will return to take it all in again and again
before the exhibit closes.
Many may not get a chance to see this beauty
in it is my pleasure to post
some special pics here.
I hope you continue to enjoy these!

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true."
~Lyman Frank Baum


Jules said...

Y'know, there's a massive piece of chihuly's glass hanging in the huge entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum here in London. I always marvel at the courage of the information desk staff who are stationed right underneath it!!!
wonderful stuff - Thanks for showing us these pieces.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Simply gorgeous. Post as many pictures as you can. I love seeing his work.

Sherry said...

WOw, these are wonderful. I know blue isn't the color of a desert plant, but I associate that color with Mexican pottery, and with the sky, so for me it works beautifully. Thanks for posting these photos.

soulbrush said...

that blue is truly cerelean blue, which i love. great...greetings from sa.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

wow! These are great - that blue is so intense. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Latorelli said...

Wow ! This, in person, must be a sight to behold .....

Thank you so much for showing it to us.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday !


Teri C said...

There is so much talent in these glass sculptures. I am in awe everytime you post a new one.

NoBS said...

These are beautiful! I've never seen them before!

marianne said...

Amazing again!
Must have been something to see this in real!

BMoon said...

Soul uplifting for sure! Delightful.

john.p said...

This shouldn't work. Shiny colorful glass in an arid botanical setting? But it does. To me there is a subliminal attraction to his creations. Don't know what it is. Beautiful stuff!

Serena said...

I LOVE this colour blue! The display looks so fragile and delicate in a desert setting but it looks beautiful!

studio lolo said...

I would have stayed planted right here once I came upon it. Blue mesmerizes me. It's my favorite, healing color. Wow, and more wow!!!