Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Week...

of December this year...
started off with various medical appointments
a blood draw, a bone density scan, a booby-o-gram,
a yearly physical, and a cardio update.
How blissfully fun...LOL :)
I faithfully took my sketchbook to each activity...
so much to draw...but so little time
Amazingly without fail...everyone was fairly punctual.
(It also helped booking the first appointment slots of the day!)
completing all the medical "stuff "...
the Christmas shopping began,
and the tree went up,
"Chihuly came to town",
and I sketched all day at the Garden.
the temps stayed warm
and it still didn't feel quite like Christmas...yet.
("Just wait!" She says with a big smile on her face..."Just wait!")

A Short History of Medicine
2000 B.C. - "Here, eat this root."
1000 B.C. - "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
1850 A.D. - "That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."
1940 A.D. - "That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."
1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."
2000 A.D. - "That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root."
~Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I get a faint feeling just thinking about all that poking and prodding (at the doctor's offices). At least you've got it all over and done with (?) Isn't that always the way, you come prepared to take advantage of waiting time, and there's no waiting time. I love that quote!! Can I borrow it to post on my blog? Serena

marianne said...

Amazing how you can get inspired at such a day!
lovely painting!

Lisa Reed said...

Oh no..your doctors were prompt? Since I started sketching, I am often disappointed when there is no line to wait in so that I can sketch! This post has inspired me to have an ongoing Monthly sketch. Wouldn't that be cool?
This quote is just hilarious. Wait long enough and it will all come back around, huh?!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Glad you're finished with all that, Margaret, and YES, just when you're all prepared for a good, long sketch, bingo, they're done! When I had a CAT scan a couple of years ago, the sweet young technician actually allowed me to sit in with the machine and sketch it before my appointment--we were waiting for some paperwork, and he understood how calming it would be!

Love the quote! One reason I don't worry overmuch about the scare-du-jour, hang around and it will change...(just like Missouri weather!)

Your sketch is fascinating...

Sherry said...

Booby-o-gram! That is one that I want to remember, Your history of medicine is on-the-mark, too. I just enjoy visiting your place...

Teri C said...

Oh gee, isn't it annoying when appts are on time and they cut into our sketching!

Lovely as always.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

What a wonderful piece of journalling and a great use of your time on that day too! Love it. (and love the quote too).

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your journal page is great. I always hope to journal something like this but it never evolves. One or two days... You are quite an inspiration to keep it up.

The word verification is uterapan. I thought that it was appropriate for this post. Ha.

Serena said...

Love your journal page, inconsiderate of the doctors to actually be on time and cut into your sketching time. lol I hope all is well.

I love the 'medicine' quote...not too far off the mark at all, is it ~ :)