Saturday, December 6, 2008

"I'm in the Process..."

...of trying to solve a mystery
involving a rascally annoying message box which
absolutely refuses to allow me
to download
any of the AWESOME photos I took today
at the Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens.
OOOOOH, was the day ever a treat for the artistic spirit!
Our little purple wrist bands witnessed eye candy EVERYWHERE!
I head to Target first in the morning, digital card in hand,
to get the photos transferred to a CD.
There are over 200 of them...need I say any more!

Hang with me for a bit,
it will be worth the wait...Promise! LOL:)

"The temptation
to form premature theories upon insufficient data
is the bane of our profession."
~Sherlock Holmes



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Uploading photos is sometimes a pain. I can't wait to see what you have pictured.

Teri C said...

Sounds exciting!! I am impatiently waiting.

soulbrush said...

i can most definitely wait...geesch! that's a great word!

Serena said...

I wanna see.....I wanna see....I wanna see! Guess I'll just have to wait with bated breath. ;)

Sue O'Kieffe said...

waiting patiently.