Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Today I Became..."

charmed by my brand new compass...
transfixed into a semiconscious state
bedazzling my zentangled mandalas with dangling doodads!

Fond farewells to the harvest filled charm of November
and to the
Art Every Day in November Challenge!

Main Entry: charm
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: talisman
amulet, fetish, good-luck piece,
juju, lucky piece, madstone,
mascot, phylactery, rabbit’s foot,
trinket, zemi

~Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus,
Third Edition
Copyright © 2008


MuseSwings said...

Beautiful! I love the doodads too!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are charming zentangled mandalas with doodads. Nothing like a dangling doodad to add a little charm to your zentamdala.

weaving zentangle
results dangling doodads
around mandalas

soulbrush said...

you can show us your doodads any time you like. lol.

marianne said...

Oh Margaret I'm always in awe about everything you create, but this one I love even more. You know me with my mandala tic.......
Lovely Margaret, absolutely lovely!

Julie said...

Oh, this is so pretty and detailed! I love the would be the most gorgeous Christmas card EVER!!!

Teri C said...

Oooooowwwww BEAUTEOUS!! Now if you could only hang it on your tree.

Barbara Weeks said...


Serena said...

These are mesmerising! Wonderful job, Margaret ~