Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Mum's the Word...! "

as I recall, it was a place packed with fragrance and wonder.
I remember festive holiday flower shows there filled to the brim
colorful chrysanthemums and cheery red poinsettia.
I also remember meandering pathways ready to explore-
lavishly decorated with blooming "surprises" around every corner.
No matter how blustery cold or snowy it would be in Chicago
our floral hideaway warmed us to the core.

This magical place I speak of is the Garfield Park Conservatory,
in Chicago, Illinois,
home to rare tropical plants
and celebrating...this year...its 100th anniversary!
It has been called by many as Chicago's
botanical gem of "landscape art under glass"
is considered as one of our nation's great botanical treasures.
From November 2001 through November 2002 the conservatory hosted
an unforgettable glass exhibition by the world famous Dale Chihuly.
(Click here to view some of the extraordinary pieces exhibited.)

My post this late November day before Thanksgiving
is to honor the priceless memories of a little girl and her "mum"
and to celebrate
the fascination I have grown to nurture as an adult
in botanical art
meandering "zen-tangled" pathways.

as an interesting "aside"...
The Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens
here in Arizona has just now opened.
On December 6th I will be participating in a sketch crawl there...
and just like in the "olden days" I'll be
wandering those old meandering "pathways" again...
still looking for "surprises" along the way.
Fascinating how life works out...
isn't it???

"We do not remember days; we remember moments."
~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


Julie said...

Now that's what I'm talkin about!!! WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!
You do zentangles like no one else on earth, Margaret! Incredible.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This mandala/zentangle has your gifted hand on it Margaret. Just spectacular.

I can remember the moment I walked into Garfield Park Conservatory to see the Chihuly exhibit. I didn't want to go to see "glass in botany" I thought it would look silly. Boy was I wrong. I came away from there with a new appreciation of glass and the Conservatory was marvelous. I envy you getting to see Chihuly's work in a whole different setting. I can't wait to see what it inspires you to create.

Happy Thanksgiving.

soulbrush said...

this is a very touching post. you are an amazing person and i am so glad that we 'found' each other in bloggyland. happy happy thnaksgiving to you and yours.

winna said...

I've never seen anything like this place and have only seen photos of glass works---it must be amazing walking around---thank you so much for the information and the photo of the mother and child is so good!

Barbara Weeks said...

Nice post. You're so right. The Chihuly exhibit at Garfield Park was magical. Have a great sketch crawl and Happy Thanksgiving.

Teri C said...

WOWZERS!!! This is my new favorite of yours. Just MARVELOUS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.

marianne said...

Wow wonderful post!
Tribute to your mom and nature
love the mandala!

Sherry said...

Margaret, your post has inspired me. I go to Chicago on the train a few times a year, but I have never been to the Garfield Park Conservatory. I'm meeting my college roommate in Chicago some time between Christmas and New Year - this may become a destination. Thank you for the lovely photo and memory.

Serena said...

Such a beautiful post, Margaret. Great pic, magnificent mandala, filled with interesting information and excellent quote.