Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"As Emeril Would Say..."

...and as I would say..."D@MN!"
(So much for any zen moments and fanciful artwork today.)

It all happened three blocks from home.
No one was injured.
We were at a complete stop.
The fully loaded landscaping truck with the extended flatbed
decided to back up at the stop sign
not being able to get throught the intersection.
And they we were...smack dab behind him.
We saw it coming but could not shift into reverse fast enough.
And..We just got the car back from the "check engine" episode.
I know it could be worse.
I hate drawing cars!


peachtreeart said...

I'm glad no one got hurt!

Lisa Reed said...

Ohhh no! I sure hated to see your crashed car--even though it's certainly well done! Now, turn the corner on these car issues-tomorrow is a brand new day!!!!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Peachtreeart and Lisa...All is well..just the car suffered the damage...I am still counting my blessings! :)

Anonymous said...

Argh, Margaret! Sorry to hear about the fright and the damage, but glad you are OK & your sense of humour is still intact. =)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

How disheartening. I am so glad to hear that you, or anyone else, weren't injured. They say most accidents happen within 50 miles of home. You deserve a good whine. Maybe you can have a rental car while your car is being fixed this time.

seesue said...

Margaret, good for you for making the effort of presenting your most unfortunate episode with humour and an "attitude of gratitude". It still stinks that it happened and you had such a scare and such inconvenience but your as positive as possible attitude (as you know) is a most valuable asset.

Sharon said...

I can empathize, Margaret. My husband hit a deer last week. We just found out yesterday that the car is (fortunately) repairable. I wasn't inspired to draw the dead deer/car, however. You have a great attitude, reflected in your artwork!

Teri C said...

Oh my goodness! you have certainly had a bad car potergeist working in your neighborhood! Happy no one is hurt and you deserve whine and cuss.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Pippa, Lisa, Seesue, Sharon and Teri...Alas...The whining and cussing part is now over...On to happy things!

I am now into celebration mode for just seems different and hopeful!

Serena said...

You certainly do deserve a good wine...I mean, whine....after that! I'm so glad noone was hurt and I hope that will put an end to all the car woes for some time.

freebird said...

Love the Obama "we did it" gizmo.

You are having car troubles. Well, if they come in threes you can feel a little more comfortable as you can see here.

You made a great sketch of the situation. Hope this is the last of your run on car troubles.