Saturday, November 15, 2008


...I feel "faint of heart" these 3 pages are my final contribution of art
in Nina Johansson's Maruman "Multitudes"...
and bit "verklempt", as well,
that this will be my "official signing off " post...
as my portion of the Maruman_X international sketchbook exchange
has hereby come to a close.
The sound you now hear is my breath exhaling in a big looooong sigh.
(Lower lip extended in a bit of a pitiful pout as well...)
What an artistic journey and spiritual joy this project has been.
The project developed from of the mind of Anita Davies...
Anita, your creative idea rocked!

I found it quite interesting and, surprisingly, a bit more challenging,
to be the last artist to fill spaces in Nina's book.
Because of the way the composition of pages filtered through our rotation
there were 11 blank sides left for me to design...
I was blessed with one extra!
on the other hand it was fairly "cut and dry"
as to where my art would need to fit in-in order to complete the book...
simply put...
my creative wings had to learn to fly in "limited airspace!" LOL :)

The pages above were pages 38-40...the last three of Nina's book.
I designed them to provide a transitional, open ended view
of the ancient desert of my home in Arizona
the modern metropolis of Nina's home in Sweden...
symbolically marking the not an ending...but a new beginning.
...the native Arizona petroglyphs included as
being possibly the first "sketchbook" exchange ever! LOL :)
As always...
more art and information about the last two sketchbooks to be completed
can be found at the Maruman_X blogspot.

"The little dissatisfaction which every artist feels
at the completion of a work
the germ of a new work."
~Berthold Auerbach


Anonymous said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed going on a virtual Maruman sketchbook exchange with you.
Each page of yours sings with your unique vision and style. Your art is amazing and inspirational to me :)

Thank you for allowing us to follow along on your journey.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Simply beautiful Margaret. I can feel the heart that was put into this project.

soulbrush said...

all good things must the word 'verklempt' is it german? it gets used in yiddish as well (which probably derives from it anyway).

Stephen Hall said...

I adore your posts, the lightness of touches. If I did that my paintings would look like they had been out in the sun too long but yours have a feathery touch with so much definition. Awesome and wonderful! Love them to bits!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, beautiful colours.

Anetka said...

breathtaking ending to a beautiful journey.
I love every bit!

Teri C said...

A beautiful ending to your journey and I'm sure everyone is thrilled with filling of their books.

kazumiwannabe said...

Wow. All these pages you did for this Maruman are extraordinary! Breathtaking - I'm struggling to find the words I want in English... Precious, delicate, rich, and very beautiful, that should cover it : )!