Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"It's Amusing Sometimes..." think about
how one thing leads to another.
That is exactly what happened here.
This started out in November
with the tree...
and was leaning itself toward a snowflake design.
I abandoned her for over a month.
she somehow morphed her way last night into
another mandala
with intertwining natural accents.
I flipped it just for fun.
I am sure my Muse was most amused...:)
Tee Hee..:)

“The most potent muse of all is our
own inner child.”
~Stephen Nachmanovitch


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

You're a genius Margaret with these designs. Thanks for describing how it eventually ended up with all these elements.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That child has awakened here. She is romping about doing all sorts of things. Must put away christmas decor so she has room to romp.

Sharon said...

These are both just gorgeous! So interesting with all the different shapes and lines! I'm inspired! Thanks for sharing! :)

Teri C said...

Don['t you love how our art has a mind of it's own. This is a beauty!

studio lolo said...

Yummy! I do love that pine branch. Wowee.♥

An Evolving Artist @ said...

Love your yin and yang pics. This is very creative and interesting.

Revelle said...

Beautiful as usual! Your ideas are endless.

Anonymous said...

I love how your brain works!;) jlg:)

raena said...

I love your muse!

marianne said...

Wow Margaret!
Such beautiful designs. Glad to see you creating and full of inspiration again!
I finally started a mandala as well just before the end of last year.
When not in the flow you have to dive in sometimes ;)

Have a nice day♥

nanke's stuff said...

Beautiful! .... Do you think I could borrow your muse for awhile? lol nancy

Alex said...

This is both earthy and awesome! =)

BarbaraB said...

Wow, these are really beautiful--simultaneously bold and delicate. They evoke a mystery.