Monday, January 24, 2011

"A Cactus Inspired Heart..."

..."Au natural" :)
...and then digitally flipped.
This is one of the 16 artist trading cards I made
and traded last week
the Illustrated ATCs Art A-Thon weekend.
My returns
have now started to filter in...YAY!
I will post them all as a group in a blog entry,
by the end of this month.
For now...
Happy Cactus Monday all!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Cactus Monday Peg.

PAK ART said...

purple, black and green look lovely together. Happy Cactus Monday to you. I'm going to start back up but didn't make it for today.

marianne said...

Beautiful heart Margaret!
16! Bet I would love them all.


Lynn said...

Looks like a beautiful purple Valentine to me.

Claire M said...

These are quite eye-catching!!

Teri C said...

It looks beautiful!!!!


studio lolo said...

and what a beauty it is!! I can't believe how you seem to crank these out! I know each one takes time, but my goodness you come up with so many variations!
I love your mind ♥