Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"For All Who Battle Demons..."

...whether they be a physical,
mental, spiritual, emotional, financial or any
other menacing type of force...
"Tree of Life: Hope"
is posted here today in honor of several
special individuals
in my life
who are enduring painful physical struggles.
Several are engaged in
hand to hand combat with cancer.
This is posted also
as a reminder to each of us
whenever things in our lives turn in a downward spiral
we are not alone.
There is a whole battalion of family,
and of loved ones,
and armies of friends, acquaintances,
ordinary everyday people...some of whom
we might not even know...
all of whom are people who
genuinely care and stand at the ready
like a mighty tree
offering shelter in a dark frightening forest.
These are the people who will pray for us
who will champion our cause
who will bolster our spirits
with wishes of
strength and hope...for body, mind, soul, and heart.
I am one of those.
Grab on to one of our branches
and feel fortified, comforted, and soothed.
We are here for one another.
We are each others
best support and softest place to fall.
We have deep roots in faith and hope and love
It is our gift to you.
(For LEG and family ♥)

"Lord save us all from...
a hope tree
that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms."
~Mark Twain

is that thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops...
at all."
~Emily Dickinson


Sandy in Michigan said...

Such a beautiful sketch with truly deep meaning. Thanks for the reminder and the words of inspiration. I hope your friends and family will come through this time of struggle.

Laure Ferlita said...

Just gorgeous and so very timely....for myself and so many others. Thank you.

Elza said...

Beautiful colors and thank you for "The Tree of Hope', when so many are without.

winna said...

Your beautiful sketch and words have touched me more than I can write..

Anonymous said...

Again, thank you Peg! You are the best! And how is your Dad doing?? jgl;)

Lynn said...

Boy, do I want YOU in my corner when it's my turn.

Beautiful Tree of Life!!!!

Prayers of healing for all your friends in need. (and mine too).


This concept was reminding me of an old cancer surviving trick for those who will not "war" or "battle" against..any one person or thing.

Instead, the idea of "pulling weed" the gorgeous garden of our body, we gently tug and pull down from the roots of the invasive chaos cancer weeds.

I suppose we can apply this same story to our many mean talking memes.

Cheers! our collective good health.

Be well.

kj said...

margaret, every infrequent time i come here i am reminded that i wish i knew you. this post and your tree is an affirmation of everything good. thank you.

marianne said...

Wow Margaret what a powerful image and post!
Yes I am on your team, supporting everyone who need hope and a shoulder to lean on.
having friends in need is just terrible when you are not near, but we can be in spirit.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My heart stuttered when I first started reading this...One can always know there is someone worse off than yourself when you have that little pity party starting. Rejoice and pray for those who really need it.

Denise said...

So beautifully said... your spirit is so gracious... & the Tree of Hope is wonderful. Living with a chronic illness, I too have learned that when you give up hope, you give up everything. I love your message of hope!

BarbaraB said...

The tree of hope is so beautiful and your tender, caring message is too.

Caroline said...

I'm glad I passed by today - lovely post. Meaningful words and beautiful illustration.

studio lolo said...

It's ironic that your posts always speak to me when I need the message the most.

Actually, no it isn't. You always resonate with me ;)

This is so very beautiful as are your words.
I'm going to send this link to a friend who will not only love your art and message, but also because it's in lilac tones.

Thank you for this, and blessings to LEG and their loved ones.


raena said...

Beautiful! I send my prayers and positive thoughts out for your friends!

stART said...

Beautiful and kind.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

What a beautiful tree! I just love your art! It is so amazing. My mother would have loved this one. She loved purple so much!

PAK ART said...

The tree is beautiful as are the words. We can all use a little hope and friends to help see us through the challenges of life.

Alex said...

Beautifully drawn =) Great words!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

I'm admiring your wonderful art and fabulous use of colour; how inspiring! Your words are true; I was offered great strength and encouragement within circles of friendships during my late husband's 2.5 yr. melanoma cancer trials. I always believe that a problem shared ... is a problem halved. Look forward to venturing through your other posts and seeing more of your creativity.