Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"From the Inside Out..."

...a healing mandala.
Drawn in my Zen journal lead free...ink straight in...
balancing book, pens, and composition in my lap.
This is
a first in a new series for a new year...
just what the (art) doctor ordered...LOL...:)
Rx: let loose...
make mandalas as needed...repeat daily...
add music if desired.
Side effects:
shapes may not appear as they are in real life:
be alert to frequent bouts of
"wonkiness"...and audible sighs of "Ahhh!"!


Lynn said...

Ah, I see the cover perhaps of your next blog book publication!
I love looking at your lines and wondering the pens used, how shadings done etc.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Looking down your spine seeing lots of love and strong ink flowing. I will look forward to the side effects.

marianne said...

Oh wow!
You know I love this!

I love just these 2 colors together....less is more like this

have a nice day♥

Teri C said...

So beautiful and subtle and wonderful!


Hi Margaret...I'm enjoying your blog :D Take care.

messyfish said...

Very nteresting and beautiful. Ilike the idea of freehand too. No pencilling in first.

studio lolo said...

ooh, I see a pomegranate here with ♥ seeds ;)

That translates into this being a delicious entry into your new zen sketchbook!