Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Postmarked: UK..."

Early last week
a special little envelope arrived in my mailbox
postmarked from far, far away
in England.
Inside was a beautiful note card from Ely Cathedral
with a lovely handwritten note from
Oooooh! MY!!!! What a treat it was to receive!!!
I am sure you can imagine! :)
( case you didn't know...
Anita has drawn a series of sketches from Ely.
What a charming and historic area!
You can check out her Ely sketch series here...
They are simply an artistic feast!)

to celebrate receiving such fun overseas mail ...
I decided to post a montage of images of Ely Cathedral
drawn in my Moly.
The tower is known as the "Octagon"...
The colorful patterns in the lower left corner of the spread
are part of the flooring near the
shrine of Etheldreda..."Saint and Queen".
The patterns on the right side of the spread are
drawn from a medieval glass window.
(There is such rich and interesting
history here...
a visit to the website is highly recommended...gorgeous photos!)
Lastly, the simple candle
and it's "flame of friendship" was the central photograph
and main theme of the note card itself.
you are the best ever!
Like this candle...
YOU have shined your artistic light on so many of us
and kindled our imaginations.
It was a serendipitous delight that our paths crossed.
What an honor and a pleasure
it is to have you as my

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases
by being shared."


soulbrush said...

oh margaret you would simply love wandering through england, i haven't seen ely yet, but i loved canterbury cathedral and salisbury cathedral. there is something so fascinating about british history...everything here is soooo oooold.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I too had a wonderful friendship candle card from Ely from Anita last week. It stands pride of place on my bedside corner shelving. We love visiting Ely together and the cathedral with its stainglass window exhibition going back through the centuries is stunning. Liked your spread and version of the octagon tower and the candle really glows.

studio lolo said...

Such talented ladies!! I love getting mail from my artsy-blogging friends too. Such cheer!!

Anita's sketches are wonderful. Her link to the Creswell painting is broken though :(

Teri C said...

Gosh it sounds like a wonderful place and so exciting to get Blogger friends mail!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Anita has lit many candles. One would be mine on numerous times.

I really like your inspired lay out Margaret.

marianne said...

What a beautiful gift Margaret! The candle is really awesome! It really shines!
And I lOVE the quote!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful things!

E-J said...

What a gorgeous card! Such richness and variety of colour and detail. And all the more exciting for having arrived unexpected!

I have lived in Ely for 5 years now, just a few minutes' walk from the cathedral. Though the city centre is small and unexciting, I still feel lucky to live here, and never really tire of strolling round the cathedral area, since every wall and tree and half-eroded gargoyle is teeming with history and character. We also have a very fine bookshop and one of the most delightful tearooms in England.

Come and see us here someday :)

Rachel H said...

Lovely composition - the candle in the middle is perfect. I'm utterly spoilt I'm afraid, living in the middle of Lincoln. I get to stare at our beautiful cathedral for 5 or 10 of my 15 minutes' journey to work. :)

I've only been to Ely once but I do remember it being beautiful. My mum and dad bought me a brass rubbing kit there and I lost it. I mourned it for weeks and weeks - I think I cried all the way home. I was 25. (That's a joke, obviously!)

Anita Davies said...

Oh Margaret, I can't believe I missed this post. I'm so pleased my little card arrived ok.
Thank you for your flattering comments about me..I'm delighted to have 'found' you too! :)

purplepaint said...

Oh this is gorgeous too!!! You've been busy!

Jennifer White said...

Margaret, you have amazing talent....stumbled on you through Flickr as well as your blog. This piece is stunning...I'm anxious to continue to look through your posts.