Monday, February 23, 2009


...the 2009 starting line-up for
my first ever Fantasy "Cactus League" ATC Cards...
(with lots more to come!)
Just in time
to coincide this week with
the opening of major league baseball Spring Training
the arrival of the wonderful Cactus League teams
here in Arizona.
If you are a baseball fan...our state is jumping with action...
Click here for official league info!

"Batter Up!" Try to hit a home run in Life today!
Happy Cactus Monday All!

“Every day is a new opportunity.
You can build on yesterday's success
put its failures behind and start over again.
That's the way life is, with a new game every day,
and that's the way baseball is.”
Bob Feller*

*NOTE: For a bit of Serendipity...
Bob Feller, age 90,
threw out the opening pitch today right here in Surprise Stadium
(which just happens to be the Spring Training home
the Texas Rangers and the Kansas City Royals)
to begin
the "Old Timers" baseball game!

"I love when things like this happen! "


Julie said...

Oh, Margaret...these are beautiful. I just cannot believe how you continue to crank out the volume of unbelievable work that you do! I have not come up with a Cactus Monday idea this week...I am still sitting here blubbering over Queen Latifah's rendition of "I'll be Seing You", during the rendered me powerless! She is my idol. What a voice! Happy Cactus Monday early!!!

marianne said...

Stunning ATC´s
Love them.
Love the fantasy element!!The colors!
Haapy Cactus Monday!

yoon see said...

Wow Wow Wow cactus ATC cards!
You always surprise us with these cute illustrations.
Your lovely write up continue to spice up the pieces here:)
Well done!

soulbrush said...

these are gorgeous. i love baseball, but never see it here on this side of the pond. used to watch it every weekend in south africa.hcm cactuteer.

RHCarpenter said...

Not a baseball fan (what can I say, my hometeam is the Cinti Reds :(
but I am a fan of these paintings - so bright and energetic!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

As usual astounding us with your inventiveness - joining the ATC card concept to your Monday Cactus days. Glorious colours.

studio lolo said...

It's nice to know you like sports!

These are a delightful start to your ATC whim! I have a hard time working in these small spaces. it's been a challenge!

happy Cactus Monday!

3rdEyeMuse said...

could those suns get any happier?!?

Teri C said...

Wow, you are really getting into this baseball season with these beauties! Fun!


Stapeliad said...

What amazing colors! These are so beautiful!!


Spinneretta said...

LOL we're on the same wavelength- my blog has a bunch of ATCs I juts uploaded :) Great job!

Chris said...

These would make GREAT giveaways!!

90 years old? pitching? holy cow...

Chris said...

What I meant is, wouldn't you love to give the person with the 12th comment these gorgeous ATCs ?!


how much?

Sandy said...

These are gorgeous...oh the

seesue said...

Each of these a mini masterpiece. Your rich puddles of colour...YUM!

messyfish said...

these are just beautiful. I especially like the use of colours, and the shape of the sun

Margaret Ann said...

Card #1 the Prickley Pear has now been taken.