Monday, February 2, 2009

"I'm Wiped Out..."

...have a hoarse voice, scratchy throat,
and a dietary guilt complex
from indulging in way too many
Super Bowl
food bites and frantic moments yesterday.
Rooting on the
home team Arizona Cardinals Sunday
was a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows
for sure.
(We still love you or lose! You did us proud!)
my dear Cactus Monday post for today
my artistically decorated "Super Bowl Splint"..
all dressed up for the neighborhood party
posing before a little artificial (shhh...don't tell anyone)
succulent plant from my kitchen....
I attempted to sketch the scene...but was emotionally spent...
my artistic muse elsewhere "snoozing on the job".
(You know...
I have to keep telling myself that "it was just a game"
of millionaires... tossing about a pigskin ball...!!!
It was just a GAME!!! LOL!)

Happy Cactus Monday All!
Hope your personal muses are awake and energetic all day! :)

"Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


marianne said...

Take a rest and don´t dfeel guilty.
I stuffed myself yesterday.......
I ´ll try to return to my regime soon. Meanwhile I don´t feel guilty, I just do what my body asks.
When will your finger be healed Margaret?
Take a nice rest!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh I can see your poor little pinky all strapped up in this photo. You sure must have given it a bash - I was so lucky a couple of weeks ago slipping over on the tiled kitchen floor. My thumb still hurts with different movements but nothing as bad as this. Hope you can soon remove strapping and be free again. Family over this weekend (still here today) and we did nothing but gorge ourselves on home made malteser cake and carrot and orange cake yesterday. We all said last night we are going on a diet!!!! Guilt, guilt , guilt but my daughter and eldest only need to lose a few pounds - for me its a different story!!!

The Gypsy said...

It's ok, just put your feet up and do nothing for a while, sometimes nothing is a good thing :-)

Julie said...

That is one groovy splint!!! Sorry about the was so darn close too!!! Happy Cactus Monday, Margaret!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my, I was right there rooting forthe Cards yesterday. So sad that they lost. The Steelers definitely got the benefit of the calls. It always seems that one team does. Maybe next year. I am stuffed with SB goodies too. UGH I hope your sore hand gets better soon. Happy Cactus Monday.

bettyfromtexas said...

I thought about you during last night's game. I rooted for your cardinals too and am a bit hoarse as a result!! They played great, even though they were "edged" out!!

Your splint is "off the hook" cool!!!

Sherry said...

LOL, I'm not a football fan, but a girl HAS to watch the Super Bowl! My condolences for the loss, but hey, they had a great come back there. Way to decorate your splint!

Teri C said...

My mind is in the same shape as your splint---fractured but getting better. What a game!!!!!!!!!! phew, I am exhausted.

The 'decoration' on the splint is perfect!!!!

yoon see said...

I hope you are getting better!
Don't worry, all things will be fine.
I had a broken lef before and I had to use walking stick for at least half a year. I know how you feel.
Happy Cactus Monday!!!!

soulbrush said...

that finger still looks so uncomfortable. i cannot understand sports fans who get totally besotted about a game...but i do feel sorry for them when their side loses. sorry and hcm cactuteer.

studio lolo said...

That was an excellent, down to the wire!! And that damn last catch. Ugh!!!! I was cheering for your team (and Teri C's)seeing as my tean didn't make it. My husband was cheering the Card's on too. Dang. Great effort though!

Now run along and change that splint :)


Flying Colors said...

I never look at games, don't have TV. But! I had to be at a friends house and had to see this game and I was all for you guys you, Teri and a couple more friends... It was so close and in my mind you, the Cardinals WON! LOL...

Your post is great with custom designed splint, the fakey and you. You are there my friend!
How much more time for this situation?

HCM and hurray for the Cardinals... I would have never know if were not for you and Teri and CM

3rdEyeMuse said...

I feel for you - that game was seriously exhausting for we the Cards fans! I was impressed by them & it really was a great game.

feel better & get some rest. :)

Anonymous said...


Stapeliad said...

I am so glad your beautiful hand-rest does not have hidden spikes...and OUCH I hope you recover very quickly!

Happy Cactus Monday!

Lisa Reed said...

You are the only person on the planet that could get so creative with your ailments!

messyfish said...

HCM! and ouch :-(