Friday, February 27, 2009

"Mom's Orchids..."

From Susan, David and the twins...
...partly captured here in a super quick sketch
while visiting
mom at rehab last week.
In real life "she" (the plant)
was gorgeous...and voluptuously lush
with lustrous green leaves.
making her stand close to 3 feet tall.
She was
decked out with dozens of lime green blooms
cascading one upon the other...
from across the room looked "so easy to draw".
After getting lost in all the foliage
I gave up on sketching the whole plant
I zeroed in on a single bloom
which I placed in the lower right corner...
In less than 5 minutes of sketching
I felt I was done.
Then I looked at it last night
added some color...okay...a lot of color...
and realized...
what "might have" been if I "would have" taken my time!
Oh well..."live and learn!" as they say
better yet...
in the words of Sarah Jessica Parker
...alias Carrie Bradshaw:

"As we drive along this road called life,
occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost.
And when that happens,
I guess she has to let go of the
coulda, shoulda, woulda,
buckle up and just keep going."
Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City"


Carolyn said...

Your work is so beautiful...

Teri C said...

It's a beauty Margaret! I love all the colors and the quote is awesome.

purplepaint said...

Margaret - this is beautiful!!! I just love plants and flowers, especially in the dead of winter. Your work is such an inspiration! Marva

Carol Redstone said...

Margaret, I love your use of frames to highlight the focal points of your drawings. I need to try to remember to do that in mine! Thank you for sharing.

marianne said...

I think they are lovely! Two thing I love; orchids and a beautiful painting from you!

soulbrush said...

really lovely. hope mom is doing fine. not sure if i have your e mail address to send you my snail mail e mail is (let me know).

E-J said...

ZING!!! I *love* the colour, Margaret!

studio lolo said...

hmmm, I was here right after Teri C this morning and had the worst time with Blogger! I should call it Blocker now :)

This is a beauty Margaret, and if you're not happy with this five-minute sketch why don't you use it as a reference for a larger, more detailed piece?

I can't believe you did all this in 5 minutes! You're amazing!

Now, speaking of amazing...I got some pretty special mail today! The feather bookmark will take up residency in an art book or a self-help book by my bed. It's more detailed and lovely "in person!!" The card image is stunning showcasing your amazing pen work. I love the mandala sticker too!! It's all wonderful stuff from a great, talented lady. I'm glad our paths have crossed as well ;)

thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!


Julie said...

I think this turned out beautifully...and in only 5 minutes too! WOW!