Monday, April 14, 2008

"You Go, Girl...! "

Echinopsis calochlora
Is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, & Paraguay.
Her colorful blossoms can range from
to Deep Red,
to Magenta,
to Orange, and
to White.
She is an original South American "party girl"...
dressing up in her festive "bling-blossoms"
for a midnight rendezvous or two
with a few batty friends.
Just like a "Cinderella",
her fragile and delicate beauty quickly
fades from view...
leaving only the haunting memories of her sweet fragrance
in the hearts of admirers
until the next Spring.

The beauty of Mother Nature...
She surely has it goin' on! ;)


Anita Davies said...

Margaret....have I told you lately that I love your work?
This is gorgeous!

Teri C said...

Beautifully done Margaret. And your comments are so fun!!
happy Cactus Monday!!

Forever Young said...

just like us all, fading daily....
you've surely got it going on girl!

Happy Cactus Monday cactuteer.

Just because said...

Ah, Queen Cactus strikes again! Seeing as how I probably won't be near any real cacti anytime soon, I should probably just enlarge these and surround myself with them. Cheaper than airfare or car gas money!


Sandy said...

I love cactus Mondays and look forward to getting over here. "with a few batty friends"...hahaha..

Great job Margaret.

Neil Toulch said...

Your wide-eyed cactus flowers are a delight.

So happy to have discovered your wonderful art.

clare said...

Hi Margaret,
Your 'Echinopsis calochlora' is stunning! And your writing, Superb! Thank you.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Love that you put in shadows... makes the composition really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Do you have one? Makes me want to seek one out. Great drawing.

Serena said...

What a fun post and wonderful drawing.....I look forward to seeing more, Margaret ~ :)

studio lolo said...

Another amazing example of nature captured in your stunning art! She's beautiful and the text is a delight!

Margaret Ann said...

Cactus Monday is a certainly a great day...thanks for popping in for a visit...glad you like her! :)

Martha...I don't have one like her...but I do have a night blooming cereus that I will post as soon as she blossoms...she a has similar bloom look to this one but is a quite tall cactus...5-6 feet or so...:)