Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"The Way We Were..."

Our House...April 2004
In June we will celebrate the 4th anniversary of our move to Arizona.
This is what it looked like then...
...and no, in real life our house is not purple! :)

EDM #165
"Draw the Front of Your House"


Alan said...

I can hear Jimi Hendrix now..

Purple House all in my.... no..that wasn't it.

SCquiltaddict said...

great colors

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Love the colors, I actually saw a purple house just this color yesterday. You would have to be brave to paint it that color, especially in Arizona, the one we saw was surrounded by trees, but it still stood out!

Congrats on your 4 year anniver-house-ary!

Teri C said...

So what color is it now? Inquiring minds want to know. :) It looks so lovely and 4 years!! Great!!

Forever Young said...

it does look lovely, a happy place, would look good purple ha ha.

no way said...

Great house! I like how you included all the construction stuff in-progress. I bet it's even more beautiful now!

ArtyEm said...

maybe you will paint it purple one day? I love the palm tree behind the house - how lovely to live in such a beautiful climate.
Our dream is to move to Colorado to the mountains, but we have one more kid to get through school first. I am counting the years - FIVE!
Where did you move from? (We are in New Jersey. . . .)