Monday, February 8, 2010

"You Won't Believe This..."..."

...but according to the
ultra newest update of the world famous
Wripley's Believe it or Not
Guide to Unique and Odd Cacti...Volume III
published right here in
Surprise Arizona...
(actually, just yesterday, as a matter of fact)
a brand spankin' new species of cactus was found!
Cacti aficionados from the Tucson area
are calling it the
"Lemony Prickly Pear Heartissimus Cacti Grande."
Amazing isn't it???
And there's more...get this...
would you believe that I just happened to
spot one...??!!
as quickly to my ATC cards as I could fly
was able to capture it
in all it's Valentine Week magnificence
(during both the day AND the night!)
for your ultimate viewing pleasure
this beautiful Cactus Monday.
And it's all right here on my blog...
no need to even buy the book!
Imagine that!
I can hardly believe it either...!!!:)
You just never know
these days!
May you be surprised
by some wonderfully unbelievable events
today too!

"Nothing is so unbelievable
that oratory cannot make it acceptable."
~Marcus Tullius Cicero
Ancient Roman Lawyer,
Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman,
106 BC-43 BC


soulbrush said...

that is truly amazing, wonder if any other species will suddenly appear this week?

Caroline said...

Certainly is amazing!! Beautiful illustration!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Tee hee... truly a gorgeous find.

fairyform said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely works of art. I can't say lovely enough to define the prettiness of your works. And I do hope that whatever these surprises would be, they stay wonderful and pleasant throughout.

Molossus said...

Well, life DOES imitate art, so I'm not at all surprised that a new cactus species suddenly appeared.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Lovely artwork, as usual!

Teri C said...

WOWZERS, this is SO gorgeously beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

What a wonderful NEW cactus!!! LOL! It is truely stunning, I will say that!!!!! The colors in it are popping my eyes out right now!!! Lovely!!! :)

studio lolo said...

You are such a crackup!!!

And a wonderful artist indeed ;)

PAK ART said...

hmmmm that sounds suspiciously like a creation of the mind! HCM!

marianne said...

Wow wonderful cactus heart!
I was in Hongkong Monday....
Hope your CM was great!