Thursday, February 11, 2010

"600 Times..."

...OOOOH, MY! How time flies!
Today is my 600th Waterblossoms blogpost.
It seems like just yesterday
when I first met and started my love affair with
Google "Blogger".
Mmmm...I remember fondly
those sweet first days of our relationship...:)
I was so timid and unsure...
but, faithfully stood by me all the way...
holding my hand,
answering my questions,
encouraging me to be expressive,
introducing me to lots of wonderful friends
Now, here we are, after 600 times...
all those
words and thoughts and emotions and frustrations
we have shared...
and still our daily, often late night, relationship
is continues to grow strong!
You are my Muse's wildest dream
come true.
And, aside from a few minor hesitancies
every now and then,
you have willingly given me the world.
You have made my ordinary days
extraordinary, adventuresome, and exotic
I thank you for it!
I also thank each and every one of you
who have popped in for a visit at one time or another.
I am over the moon with new art ideas...
and I promise you
the best is yet to come!
Here's to the next few hundred posts! :)


Barbara said...

Congratulations on your 600th post! And best wishes for the next 600 and then some! - Barbara

deepazartz said...

Let many more such wonderful posts follow...and may u celebrate many more anniversaries.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

WOW!! Congratualations on 600 posts. Outstanding. I just don't see how your art can get any better though. It is great. I am thankful every time I read your blog. You are such an inspiration. Happy Day.

Laure Ferlita said...

600 posts!?! Outstanding! Congrats!

I am always amazed at all the wonderful people I have met along the way in the Blogosphere that I couldn't have met any other way!

Anonymous said...

Happy 600! Keep on keepin on! See ya tmrw!;) Jan L:)

soulbrush said...

hey way to go girlfriend! and i remember being there at the beginning too, and we would not be the same without you now peg. and i love my atcs and there are two coming your way soon. love ya girl. (think you should do more writing too, love your wry style).

studio lolo said...

What a stunning heart! O-M-G!!!

I could have sworn it was just yesterday that you blogged about your 500th post!

Happy 600 peg. I look forward to seeing your art every day ;)

EVA said...

Congratulations! 600 Wow!!

Your images are always a joy to view!

Blogger as Muse - what a lovely poem and a fascinating perspective!

Now that I have found you, I look forward to seeing more of the "over the Moon" ideas!

Teri C said...

And I have enjoyed your Blog all 600 times!!

Gorgeous glowing heart.

nanke's stuff said...

Congratulations on a beautiful 600th post! nancy

Barbara Weeks said...

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and words.

seesue said...

Thanks so much for giving us 600 opportunities to enjoy your art.

Pippa said...

Wow, Margaret, that is something to be really proud of. Congratulations! Looking forward to so much more of your wonderfully inspired art, and the beautiful eyes through which you view life.

Anonymous said...

600! Goodness me! Congratulations - I love the celebratory heart.

Louise said...

600?! That is quite an achievement indeed, congrats. Great way to celebrate it with this awesome heart drawing. It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! 600, wow. I'd like to thank blogger from the bottom of my heart - which I wish looked as beautiful as the one in your post - for giving us this wonderful opportunity of seeing your art.

Anonymous said...

Wow - and again, WOW - 600!?!
and they each fascinate. congratulations on your accomplishment, ( I look forward to the next 600! )

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and looking forward for the 601 and all of your future posts and wonderful art

Minerva said...

Congratulations! Your art has touched many people, we can´t wait to see more!

raena said...

Wow, 600 is a huge achievement, congratulations! Wishing you many more!

Florence's Art said...

Congratulations!!! Here's to the next 600!

Molossus said...

Congratulations!!!! *strews confetti*

I can see you're a dedicated blogger!

phthaloblu said...

Congratulations! Love this heart, it's gorgeous!

PAK ART said...

600?! That is amazing! And I've only gotten to enjoy about 100 of those...I think. I'm just a baby to the blogworld I guess. I love your inspiration and kindness to me.

Viviane Vieira said...

I hope many more posts with your beautiful arts!