Monday, August 31, 2009

"A Tisket...A Tasket..."

...A hand woven cactus basket!
(Just another little Illinois treasure craving some
bloggy world limelight.)
Happy Cactus Monday all!

"A-tisket a-tasket
A green and yellow basket
I sent a letter to my love
And on the way I dropped it.

I dropped it, I dropped it
Yes, On the way I dropped it
A little girlie picked it up
And put it in her pocket.

She was truckin' on down the avenue,
Without a single thing to do
She was peck-peck-peckin all around
When she spied it on the ground
She took it she took it
my little yellow basket
And if she doesn't bring it back
I think that I shall die.

(Was it brown?) no, no,no, no,
(Was it red?) no, no,no, no,
(Was it blue?) no, no,no, no,
Just a little yellow basket."
~Late 19th century American Nursery rhyme


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I've never heard the last two verses of the rhyme. The little girl would find it hard to put this wonderful basket in her pocket!!

The wreath in honour of your college sisters is beautiful. Thanks for the Billy Graham prayer - makes you realise what we understand is our God is always there for us and all we have to do is turn our thoughts to find his influence close by.

soulbrush said...

how pretty and we still sing that song here at it. xxx

Julie said...

What an awesome basket!!!

Lynn said...

Thats one incredible basket!
I do remember the nursery rhyme too. Thanks for sharing.

PAK ART said...

I've never heard the end to that nursery rhyme. The basket is spectacular - I've seen them made from palm fronds, but not cactus. I like the 'thorns' that stick out. Very ingenious.

yoon see said...

hello Margaret!
Happy Belated Cactus Monday!!!
I have just sent some prints to you by this afternoon. Will be arriving by 7 to 15 working days!

I trust that you will love them.
I will do some ATC when I am more free. OK I will ctch up with you again. Bye...

studio lolo said...

oh my, wow wow wow!!!

Some artisans just blow me away completely.