Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#8)..."

As of this past Monday noon
these are the treasures which arrived in my mailbox this week...
First, a perky patriotic quilted card from Jodie in Texas...
The stitches on it at so very pretty and so well done.
A wonderful addition to my collection!
(Click on any image to enlarge to see details.)
Then another western cowgirl ATC,
all blinged out,
arrived here on the desert scene
sent from Cheryl in Utah.
Entitled "These boots were made for walking"
she strolled in all fancy like and made herself right at home...
she even brought along some lovely little paper goodies.
What fun!
And finally, this beautiful monarch from Angela in Minnesota
joyfully fluttered into my heart
the nano second I laid eyes on her...
What exquisite color and luscious and yummy...
an exceptional painting!
Thanks so very much everyone for your lovely trades!

Just a short note:
Since I am away on holiday
several of your cards arriving after Monday will not be posted until
after I return...I apologize for this
as I know it personally
makes me so very nervous
wondering if the cards I sent have landed safely.
I am sending positive thoughts and vibes
into the postal stratosphere...
keeping fingers and toes crossed that treasures land right
where they are supposed to.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Have a great holiday - you deserve it after all that hard work keeping your fans so delighted by your regular posts of exquisite work. Enjoy seeing your trades and hope your welcome mat is full of delights on your return.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you are having a great time on vacation. Just think of all the goodies you will have to look at when you return home. It will be fun going through the mail.

Teri C said...

Love that western art. More ideas!

Enjoy that vacation,

soulbrush said...

great stuff here, now you go and enjoy your holiday and we will see you when you return.

Lynn said...

Lovely cards all! Do have a wonderful holiday!!!! Have fun.

marianne said...

Wonderful gifts Margaret!

have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the cool air..............

When I returned from mine your wonderful treasure envelop was waiting for me!
LOVE the things!
Showed them on my blog yesterday!
Thanks so much dear , not only do you warm my heart with your art every time I visit here , but some of your beauties have crossed the ocean and have made me so happy!!!
Thanks for your birthday presents!!!

BIG hug!