Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Going All Girly Girl..."

...with my Bitty Blossoms
for a
Happy Blooming Tuesday!

“I don't want to be stinky poo poo girl, I want to be happy flower child.”
~Drew Barrymore


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Flower Child indeed. Love this Girly Flower set in an embroidered border. HBT

Teri C said...

Oh very girlie and very pretty. Love the inversion too!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love it when you do 'Night and Day' images.

Lynn said...

girly girl is quite beautiful to behold. love the transition of the two as well. Well done!

Julie said...

I, for one, love your "girly girl"! This is stunning in both light and dark background.

studio lolo said...

I love the delicacy of this!
The quote is hilarious!

marianne said...

Me too!

Wonderful mandala!