Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Magical Drugs..."

Saturday...March 7th, 2009...marked the 2nd week
of dealing with over the counter
remedies for
my miserable "head-cold-throat-ear-sinus-thingy."
It also marked
the day I "went in" for the SERIOUS drugs!
Our local Walgreens has a "Take Care Clinic"
staffed 7 days a week
by nurse practitioners who are most efficient and very professional!
Plus...get was the weekend...and...NO LINES!!!
(I can't even imagine
how long it would have taken to get an appointment
with my doctor!!!)
I got checked over and prescribed an antibiotic
and I went home happy as a lamb.
I sat outside in the brilliant Arizona sun
with my sketchbook and started drawing away.
I feel like a new woman!
I think that the warm penetrating sun,
(to me a natural drug in itself)
the fresh lemon blossom scented air,
my new Rx,
and a few artsy "Ahhh..." moments enjoying the day
were just the 4 magical drugs I needed
to turn this mess around.
and toes crossed!

Now...speaking of "magical drugs"...
if you are in the mood for a bit of a irreverent medical "spoof"...
click here
for a hysterical You Tube clip
regarding a new "FDA" approved drug for "cheeriness"...
only two minutes...its worth the time...:)

"You shouldn't be sick
a moment longer than it takes
to get well."
~from the Walgreens Take Care Clinic booklet


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the scent of lemon blossoms - in Spain, in April, all the orange trees blossom and I get intoxicated driving around the tiny streets that border the orange groves. Great drawing and hope you keep feeling better.
BTW - I will work on your name today - I am going with Peg :-)

PAK ART said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. However, I am really tired of hearing how nice and warm it is everywhere else but where I live! Just joking. It reminds me spring will come eventually - in two months.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A great prescription for wellness. I hope you aren't sick any longer.Your spread is perfect for your recovery.

Anonymous said...

What a great job you did with this. Its wonderful. And that Youtube video was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

soulbrush said...

loved the utube clip about despondex. sooo glad that at last you are getting some relief...get well now and lots of liquids and war sun. hugs.

Teri C said...

Yes, that has been a long time. I did not know Walgreens had that service.

Beautiful art as always.

purplepaint said...

Margarite - I love this! I love your ability to take a normal, every day occurrance and turn it into a beautiful work of art!!! :D Marva

kazumiwannabe said...

Love the colorful drawing, and glad the new medication worked for you. Thanks for the links, it's too funny!

Beth Baxter said...

I love colors and the layout of this page.

studio lolo said...

Ever thought of being a medical illustrator? You (almost) make me want a cold :D

That Utube video was hilarious! I know a person or three who could use this drug. people around them would definately benefit!

Thanks so much for your comments.
You're much too kind my dear ;)
I'm happy you're feeling better!

Spinneretta said...

I completely agree with the whole 'sunshine' being the best kind of therapy! I spent the day outside- got a bit burned though :o
I love this page!

kj said...

hello! i'm visiting from studio lolo's and want you to know i love your water colors. that's my medium the rare times i actually paint and i'm in awe of your gentle and firm sense of colors and design!!

Julie said...

You really were in heaven with your 4 magical medicines!!! The sunshine is so wonderful! Beautiful sketch!

Flying Colors said...

You should write ads or stories Margareth...
I am glad to know you are feeling so much better.

Another unbelievable service... might have to move there! Best to you... great post!

Sandy said...

Good Lord just gazing at this fabulous sketch makes me feel better - glorious composition and color - glad you feel better and I wish my Walgreens had such service!!

deepazartz said...

You have come up with such a wonderful drawing even at illness...
Love the different hues:)