Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Out on a Limb..."

...with my newest series of ATC's entitled
I have no idea whatsoever
as to what I plan on doing with these.
It has been kindly suggested by some fellow bloggers
to join some ATC yahoo groups...
which I may eventually do
once I get enough designed to trade.
The only problem is...I want to keep them all!
Now...isn't that ridiculous!
(Any other ideas??? All suggestions welcome!)
Well until then...
I'll just "keep on a keepin' on"...inspired today by
by the lyrics of a song sung by
one of my favorite cowgirls..."Annie Oakley":
"Got no diamond, got no pearl...
Still I think I'm a lucky girl..

[Cuz]...I've got the sun in the morning...

...and the moon at night!"
~Irving Berlin

"Woo Hoo!"
~Me :)


soulbrush said...

keep em all and make prints to swap....hugs for sunday.

RHCarpenter said...

Good idea about making the prints to swap instead if you can't part with these. I like them all. How about doing your take on common flowers everyone does - iris, rose, sunflower, etc.? Giving them a bit of edgy look?

purplepaint said...

These are all fabulous! I have a hard time swapping things I've drawn also. I swap fabric and mixed media ATCs all the time, but fine art ones are harder to part with.

kazumiwannabe said...

The new series is beautiful. I can understand why you want to keep them all! Printing them is a great idea. On watercolor paper, prints look really nice.

Spinneretta said...

wait until you find an ATC you really want, then you'll want to trade them ;)
Or you could sell them as ACEOs :)
Or you could scan them in, keep a scanned copy and trade it (that's what I do).
Turn them into cards? :)
Whatever you do- just enjoy it!
Love the ATCs!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

lots of great ideas (obviously from generous hearts that are good at sharing ...) ... sometimes I find myself in your boat (not wanting to part), so if I get a good series that I don't want to part with, I have uber-spouse make a good "display" frame & gently mount them together ... usually after a while I have something I like even better & can replace with newer pieces and can part with the others ... though I do photograph EVERYTHING just in case ... or! you could make a little book out of your favorites.

ok, I feel a babble coming on, so I am cutting myself off!

Happy Funday!

studio lolo said...

I love these! You're really "branching out!!"

yesterday I went into one of my favorite card shops where I get into lots of trouble! They have a stationary and art supply section in the back and I picked up a package of ten thin business card sized magnets, perfect for ATC's!!! I was thinking of printing my faves before I give them away and make refridgerator magnets out of them. I think I'd laminate them first though to protect the print and to make them glossy :)

We're just full of ideas!

Beth Baxter said...

Lovely, as always.

marianne said...

I know that feeling but sometimes it´s ok to let go......
I love this serie!!! Mandalas and branches! Wow so cool!
Are you a bit better? Hope so!

lyn said...

Beautiful! I've been thinking about the ACEO, ATC thing too, in fact I have bought the cards in different types of paper and envelopes. I've been thinking about an Etsy store for a long time too! Some things have to grow at thier own rate!
Thanks for the comment on the 50 more cats. Hope I have time for a cactus tomorrow! Lots to take care of outside.
Continued Success!

PAK ART said...

pardon me for being new to these acronyms....what's an ATC? And what are ACEO? I do like the designs and I like the idea about refrigerator magnets. that sounds cool.

Julie said...

Oh wow...I know the feeling...I kept every one I ever made till I sent out the first one to Marianne!!! I don't know why I want to covet mine...I guess they all have meaning to me...

I love the idea of sending out prints...and you keep originals! Wonderful idea!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing looks lovelier
when sitting in a tree
branches are full
zentangles aren't free
Margaret feels their pull

Margaret Ann said...

This series has been revised...and no longer available...The revised versions be reposted later Maybe late May...and will be available for trade at that time...Thanks for all your super suggestions...What would we ever do without each other! :)