Saturday, October 11, 2008

"An Old Fashioned..."

...Midwest garden hideaway...
Blumen lovely Sycamore, Illinois.
Primitive, rustic, quirky, and artistic treasures
fill an old brick warehouse
and an enchanting garden shop to the brim.
Winding stone, brick, and gravel pathways
weave through luscious seasonal plant and flower displays
making the gardens a perfect neighborhood retreat.
Quaint and unique areas of the garden
make ideal spots for a wedding or an evening reception,
plein air painting or yoga classes,
and a rich variety of all sorts other special activities.
Architectural remnants and antique garden artifacts
have been lovingly revamped and recycled and renewed...
and used as display items
making the atmosphere feel nostalgic and even a bit zen like.
Whenever I visit the gardens my heart becomes light
and my spirit seems to float.
Click here
to learn about the gardens or to take your own personal garden journey. :)

"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses."
~Hanna Rion


Teri C said...

This makes such a wonderful design. The colors, the items, all fit together so graciously.

Teri C said...
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Julie said...

Blumen Gardens is so lovely! I would feel so inspired there as well. Your painting is perfect, as usual!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I see they are having a fundraiser at BG's for Hospice...isn't that so nice??

Anetka said...

Margaret this is beautiful!! I love the variety of patterns and colours!!
your sketch makes my soul want to sing:)))

kazumiwannabe said...

Love your drawing, a very unique and beautiful composition! I went to the link you provided, those gardens seem wonderful, old fashioned and very American, very different to my Mediterranean eyes - love it!

Ann said...

A beautiful drawing! I love the colors and textures - makes me want to be outside gardening or at least drawing a garden:)

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful always

Jim said...

Love the old metal rainbird sprinkler! Gorgeous colors, really interesting composition, and I think this one I would frame and hang!

john.p said...

You're so original and unique! I get a flashback seeing this impulse water head. First job after college was Denver, a semi-arid environment. The wife and I set up house and learn home and garden care all by ourselves (all family is in Kansas). So we learned what this impulse head can do to create life in a harsh environment, and developed our independence and homeowner skills as we created a landscaped yard from scratch. Ah . . the memories. Thanks for the flashback!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love gardens. Your sketch is lovely. I especially like the stone and brick walks.