Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Inside My Mind..."

...and some more of my art
on pages 20-24
of Jennifer Lawson's little Maruman sketchbook entitled

My art begins the first four pages
of the "backside " of the sketchbook...
and ends where the bougainvillea vines blend
with Jennifers wild roses.

I chose to include a postcard here because
where I started, with baby steps, on the path to "blogdom"...
...and now, just a short while later,
I am here exchanging Maruman sketchbooks with fellow artists!
That is a transition which still takes my breath away.
I chose the Monument Valley region to be on the postcard
not only because
of its "wild west" beauty and universal appeal,
but also because
of its unique location in both Utah and Arizona...
a space transition of monumental proportions to be sure! :)
If you look carefully you will see that
the cactus was painted in various stages of bloom...
The quote:
"Change is the only constant." ~Ghandi
is one of my most favorite...
and has especially helped me bear through many a bump in many a road.
The vines stemming from the bougainvillea branches
are from my imagination...actual "Bougies" don't have them...
Through bits of calligraphy I attempted to illustrate
how transition in its various forms
can be growth...a new beginning
for each of us.

This theme was an interesting challenge...
it went beyond visual pen marks,
and brush stokes,
and choices of color...
into a unique artistic space for me...
and a inspirational transition for sure!

The last full reveal of my work in "Transitions"
will be in tomorrow's post...
Hope you will stop back by for a visit! :)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am always inspired by your art. I think these ladies are so lucky to have a bit of your imagination captured in a book.

Teri C said...

These books are so gorgeous. I love the way the pages are filled from top to bottom and so colorful. Maybe 'someday' I will see it in person! :)

Sandy said...

Gorgeous only begins to describe this work of Love - your work is so vivid and inspirational - I wish I could enlarge them to study more closely! Beautiful and the quotes I likewish appreciate!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks so much Lisa, Teri and Sandy...Such lovely comments! I delighted that you are enjoying these pages and my rather wordy explanations of them...:)

Sandy...Each of the pages is supposed to be able to be enlarged...I don't know why only the last page is working! Whenever I insert text between hotos I end up with some formatting issues...I will post the complete series of the art in the book in a later post without text...hopefully by Thursday.

Teri...You bet you will be able to see my book in person.... I haven't forgotten about making plans to get together...I am so excited to do that!!!

Lisa... I can't even begin to do justice in telling you how totally inspirational this whole project has been...Anita's idea was golden...and having each artist's art in my very own hands is simply a treasure! :) I am anxious for my book to return to me...but so very sad that the exchange is about to end.

kazumiwannabe said...

I always enjoy reading you and admiring your gorgeous work! Those are beautiful - the books are going to be a fabulous treasure. Love the Gandhi quote, I didn't know it, it's perfect!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Kazumiwannabe!:) Glad you enjoyed the quote! :)

E-J said...

I'm stunned, Margaret: I had no idea your blog only dates back to Anita's postcard project!