Friday, October 10, 2008

"The Big Reveal..."

Of my COMPLETED Maruman sketchbook

I cannot wait until the rest of the Maruman sketchbooks
are completed and safely return home to their respective owners...
What joy and excitement they will bring!

Thank you Anita, and Nina, and Jennifer
for sharing your talent and your little corner of the world with me.
this has just been the most wonderful,
endearing and imaginative
artistic experience ever!

“Every production of an artist
should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”
~William Somerset Maugham

Pages 1-6...Margaret Storer-Roche (Me)...Arizona U.S.A.
Pages 6-15...Nina Johansson...Sweden
Pages 16-20...Jennifer Lawson...Maine, U.S.A

Pages 21-22...Margaret Storer-Roche
Pages 22-26...Jennifer Lawson
Pages 27-35...Anita Davies...U.K.
Pages 36-37...Signature stamp "petals" of all 4 Artists
Pages 38-40...Margaret Storer Roche :)


Pippa said...

Oh Margaret, these are BEAUTIFUL! I admire anybody with enough confidence to just work on a book containing the contributions of so many talented people. I'd be scared stiff of making a mistake. Obviously I still need to tame The Inner Perfectionist a little. =)

I can completely understand that you've been so filled by this adventure.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is certainly a priceless treasure Margaret. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I can imagine how your heart was pounding as your eye roved across the pages.

soulbrush said...

these make me gasp, the time and dedication of you all....well done, i am 'blown away' with admiration.

wishfulknitter said...

These are wonderful! I'd give anything to be able to do work like that.

freebird said...

What is really nice is how the different painters coordinated their paintings so well. Your styles all meshed together to make terrific book.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh what an amazing book you have all four created together. Who's going to find the first publisher??

kazumiwannabe said...

You all did a fantastic job - what a fabulous book! You must spend a lot of time admiring it, no? (I would : )

Ann said...

Wow. It leaves me breathless. You have a treasure there!

pedalpower said...

They're so beautiful!!

studio lolo said...

I'm speechless. A-Maze-Ing!!!! I could stare at these for hours but I'd rather hold them close.
Thanks for sharing this amazing body of work and love :)

Plain Jane said...

gorgeous gorgeous!!!!