Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Woo Hoo!...It Arrived! ! ! ..."

I was so happy when the mail came yesterday I almost cried. Tucked in with the bills and the usual flyers was a small soft-padded envelope from the UK. My special token from the Pay It Forward exchange from Anita arrived...and special it was...just in time for spring. My gift is a TAB (Anita's term for her Tiny Art Books) and every part of it was created by Anita...I'd even believe it if someone told me the girl wove the ribbon herself...she is so amazing.

Anita Davies has truly been my guiding star on the jumbled road to blogdom. Her professional and sincere ways and her artistic enthusiasm has influenced me greatly. Our paths may have crossed by chance but her specialness will be in my heart always. I hope, in turn, I can do for someone else just starting out what Anita has done for me. She truly lives by the spirit of Pay It Forward.

P.S. There is still time to join in on the Pay It Forward campaign. Just follow this link for information if you are interested. Hope to be hearing from you! :)


Anita Davies said...

Bless you Margaret, I am flattered and also delighted that you like your TAB so much.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks again for adding your special touches to my world! :)