Friday, March 14, 2008

"Happy First Month Birthday Water Blossoms..."

With all the excitement of a little kid on her birthday... I celebrate this day!
This was the one of last things I thought I would ever do.
Me?...A blog?...You've GOT to be kidding! ;)
Visiting you all, "watching from the outside in", was joy enough for me.
Drawing, painting, doodling, fiddling, class taking, journaling,
THAT is was I did...
...and life was Good!

Then a change happened.
It all started with "call out"
for participation in a Postcard Pen Pal Exchange.
"Why not try? What could possibly go wrong? "
Well, to my surprise, and utter delight,
everything went very, very, very right!
"Water Blossoms", a thought I once had, became a reality.
A blog was born...

I met YOU...and this time I really MET you...
up close and personal, right here in my own home.
Every morning you would be right there in my email.
You came from all corners of the world...
from the east to the west coast...
from across the rolling seas..
from big urban cities to the quiet open skys of the fens...
...from your world into mine.
You entered my life and decorated it with your individuality,
and your talent,
and your encouragement.

on this "First Month Birthday" of "Water Blossoms",
I joyously celebrate!
I celebrate the vigor it has brought to my art
most importantly,
I celebrate
each and every one of you,
I thank you for the artistic energy you give me every day.

With appreciation and thanks,

Margaret :)


Sara Mathewson said...

Well Happy First month Birthday to you! I haven't been around much longer than that. This blogging world is pretty incredible isn't it?

Alan said...

Happy Blog Birthday. I have enjoyed what you have shared and look forward to many more postings.


Bonny said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Margaret! I look forward to reading more wonderful posts!


Anita Davies said...

Margaret, I've yet to read a posting of yours that didn't make me smile hideously into my monitor...Beautiful words!

I Thank YOU because without knowing it there was a little dull spot in my heart that my daily visit here now lightens each day. ;)

Amy said...

Happy birthday, and what a pretty "birthday card" you made for yourself! Go, you!

Scrappy Cat said...

What fun! Love your birthday card - and happy birthday!


Teri C said...

Happy first month to you! It has been such a delightful month for the rest of us to hear your words and see your art.

Start planning your year anniversary, it comes fast.

Lynn said...

This is such a lovely post! And I really like the way you did the drawing on your blog profile page. It's really creative!

Claudia said...

Happy Blog-Birthday, Margaret! And thank you for your nice comments on my blog!
Kind regards from

Scarlett said...

happy birthday, I so enjoy you!

Deborah said...

I must plan a trip to Arizona, there are so many artsy people there. Do you and Teri C live close? We could plan a sketching trip :) I love your Spirit Blossoms. Your blog is very bright!

pedalpower said...

Yea! I'm glad you joined us too...and now we get to see all the wonderful things you are doing.

Forever Young said...

what a good idea, to have your own birthday celebrations, so happy birthday and many more months /years of blogging to you too.

Just because said...

What a great reason to celebrate!


Sydney said...

Happy First Month Birthday! I like your birthday card. I love your energetic sketches.

Margaret Ann said...

Oh my! Thank you! Danke! Gratias! Cheers! Merci! Xie! Xie! A thousand times over! :)

In real life we could celebrate with some chocolate truffles and champagne...or a "cuppa" and scones...or maybe even an icy cold Corona and nachos...hmmmmmm... that kinda makes me think of a possible drawing.... ;)

Sandy said...

Margaret, thanks so much for your visit and comments! Love your blog(s)..


no way said...

First, I love the idea of drawing on the bio page of your blog. Second, I'm really enjoying your artwork and creativity. Third, congratulations!

marianne said...

Happy one month celebration!
Nice blog you have, reason enough to celebrate!
Your card is awesome.

Neil Toulch said...


Happy, Happy, Birthday!

(I love birthdays....)

Sandy said...

Happy One Month Margaret - Great Blog - very, very interesting. Keep posting!

studio lolo said...

Something to celebrate, for sure! I can't believe how easily I got hooked too. Me...a blogger? nah! A year later and going strong, loving life and all of my new friends. yay Margaret!!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks for your joyous wishes and comments...I hope I can still manage this in a year! :)