Monday, March 31, 2008


A crown? or a lei? be the judge!
Mammillaria melanocentra
Seen at the Phoenix Botanical Garden
During 18th Annual SketchCrawl
Inspired by the Schumann botanical print circa 1900
Pretty to look at...but... you better not touch!

Happy Cactus Monday!
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Lisalou said...

Good heavens! I can't stop looking at this!! You rock!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow! Now that's good.

Jennifer Lawson said...

So cool! Great pen detail and I love the way you used color.

I can't wait to see what you do with those crazy watercolor pencils when you get them.


Forever Young said...

i agree with lisalou, you certainly do rock.breathtaking. happy cactus monday cactuteer.

seesue said...

Wow! Everything you've done is sOo good. What a treat this visit has been.

pedalpower said...

Beautiful! Your sketchcrawl looks like it was a blast!

Donn said...

Wow, never saw one like this before. Beautifully done.

Jim said...

Wonderful image! Very beautiful and so very easy on the eyes!!...[And, such professional looking usage of correct binomial nomenclature (two scientific names)]!! Love it!

Teri C said...

Happy Cactus Monday!!! A beautiful specimen!!!!

SCquiltaddict said...

wowww not that is an awesome job on a cactus...what detail...its GORGEOUS

Name: StilinStyle said...

WOW - this is amazing!! I love the detail and the colorization. How long did that take to do??? It's just beautiful - so glad I've "found" you - I'll be watching for more of your "eye candy" - it's great inspiration for me to get my pens out and USE THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

WoW! amazing,awesome,cool and breathtaking! I can't help but echo the others. Such lovely deatils!

Neil Toulch said...

This wins the

"Top Grins From Me"


Shelly McC said...

Wonderful painting!

Robyn said...

Amazing! I wouldn't even have had the courage to begin this one. Beautiful drawing.

Sandy said...! wow!


Margaret Ann said...

Ooooooh! Thank you everyone...I am truly humbled by your comments.

I absolutely adore our little on-line community of artistic spirits...and it brings me such joy to pop in to your various spots for a "visit and chat". Being involved with art is an inspiring and enlightening journey of growth. I am delighted to be on that journey with each of you. :)



Genine said...


Rock Kyndl said...

"Is this thing for real?!"

I ask this question as a that I believe that any artist would welcome such a question, ...and given the beautiful execution of the subject!