Saturday, February 23, 2008

"A Truly 'Hands On' Posting..."

EDM # 61 suggested drawing a collection of two or more similar can guess what personal grooming needed attention that day! ;) I just love the funky, witty names that OPI gives its different shade of polishes. If you go to the OPI website there is a "Try It On Studio". It's a real hoot! Try on any color your heart desires...a great winter diversion for those snowed in...Why not give it a go? ;) Let me know your favorite shade!


Anita Davies said...

What a delicious, girly page!
Margaret, you are one of my recipients for the Pay it Fwd project. (details on my blog)
Also, I have made you one of my star blogs this week AND chosen your blog for an award.

Margaret Ann said...

A girl's just "gotta have fun" right? Thanks for the special notes Anita! :)