Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Step Back in Time-To show a Start of Wonderful Possibilities

As you might have suspected, due to the absence of entries :) , I am very new to the world of blogging. "Water Blossoms" is my first, and one and only, blog to date. So, to provide you a peek into my world, I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been working on during the past few years since I retired from my career as a middle school teacher in Illinois. I also thought I would enjoy sharing some of the delightful artistic experiences I have had through the years with some very special people in my life. These people have not only encouraged me in my artistic endeavors but have also made me a better artist and observer of life in general. My deepest appreciation to each of them.

The artwork in my very first two blog posts (February 15th) is the result of a "leap of faith" on my part. Hence, I whole heartedly want to give credit for their success to the creative mind of Anita Davies-who "took me under her wing" as a member of her POSTCARD PENPALS group. I had no idea what I was in first artist exchange...and let me tell you, what a fun ride that has been...and now I have a blog??!!..."Whoa Nellie!" Yea! Anita! You set the artistic bar high. You are awesome!

So, now if you're ready, here we third post..."Back in time..."

In April of 2006 my art local club offered a workshop for members entitled "Sketchbook Journaling." It was taught by Grace Haverty, a woman who I now consider a "mentor" to me. Grace brought not only her vast knowledge of watercolor painting into my life but also her love for observing the beauty in everyday life. She also brought with her that day stacks of well worn journals-each one depicting intriguing everyday life scenes of her travels around the world. As I looked through each and every page of each and every one of her journals, a fire was lit in my spirit. This is something I wanted to experience-the joy of drawing the beauty in the world around me. In my post above is a scan of the title page I drew after the workshop was over, incorporating some of the thoughts and "words of wisdom " shared that day. The photograph is of Grace painting that day. We spent the entire day-long workshop only yards away from the art studio...but miles away in creativity...just observing life, painting with gusto, and breathing in the sweet April air of Arizona. Our results from that day were simply delightful...

As you visit my blog periodically I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with me and seeing how this one single little workshop grew into a passion..."stay tuned" as they used to say. :)


Anita Davies said...

Bless you Margaret.
It's a great blog and so wonderful to know that other's will now be able to share in your wonderful work and enthusiasm!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Anita...for everything. :)