Thursday, February 28, 2008


Okay...I admit it...I am addicted to the television series "LOST". I just now finished watching tonight's episode and headed right for the computer to make another late night post. Curiously enough, tonight's episode did NOT have its usual contorting way with my mind...where I just start to get things figured out and then the series throws me a "curve ball".

Tonight there was actually a storyline of those "A-Ha, I get it moments" where things become clear and purposeful. My posting tonight is a somewhat like experience.

A while back I came across a site called "Zentangles" my opinion a sort of "uber" zen enhanced doodling experience being marketed as a type of new age art form increasing one's focus, artistic creativity, personal well being...yadda, yadda, yadda. To me just picking up an art tool and fiddling with it does the same thing...most of the time. The explantions of the whole zentangle philosophy were interesting enough but it just seemed a bit too much-too contrived. I became "LOST " in the details.

However, while browsing the site, I found the zentangle examples shown in the gallery section very interesting...definitely worth a try on my own. They were really fun to do-minutes into hours on the clock disappeared as I became enchanted by the final results I was getting. I have doodled zentangles of all shapes and sizes and found them quite invigorating... especially when I'm in a drawing slump, or if I'm LOST in project ideas, or if I have extra energy and can't control my pen.

My drawing posted here is a botanical inspired, zentangle based, pen and ink design-a glorified doodle. ;) It had no clear goal, or zen directive, or predetermined ending point. It is just happened...a product of imagination, serendipity, and getting "LOST" in the process of sketchbook exploration..An "A-Ha! I get it moment." ;)


Teri C said...

I love this one.
I also found Zentangles a year or two ago and i find a lot of their influence in my latest mandala-ok, so I put mine in the round form :) It is at if you want to look.

Margaret Ann said...

They were really cool Teri...I might try one !

Serena said...

I found Zentangles too in recent times and I made a first attempt the other day. Simple for starters but I LOVED doing it. I am so inspired by your work, Margaret Ann!