Friday, February 22, 2008

"Getting into the Spirit of Things..." I took another class. My local art club, which seems to be getting me into a lot of artistic "trouble" ;) lately, offered a 2 day art workshop entitled "Out of your Gourd". So, since I live in Arizona, right smack dab in the middle of the magical southwest, let me ask you... How could I resist???

What you see posted above is my interpretation of a "Spirit Gourd". Our teacher, Mikki Rynne, was a human dynamo...a whirlwind of enthusiam and spunk! She called us her "Gourdies" and we loved it. What a splendid time we had. We could use ANYTHING (beads, feathers, paint, woodburning tools, stones, "yadda, yadda, yadda"...) to design our pieces. For me though...too many options...I really struggled to narrow down the visual possibilities running through my head and come up with a single design theme for my project. But, after several "heart-to heart" talks between my inner spirit and my gourd, I finally decided to do what I loved best. DRAWING! How simple!

I drew directly on the gourd itself a fine point Pitt pencil sketches as a foundation. When completed the gourd was sprayed with an acrylic fixitive. That really brought the piece into a life of its own. During the drawing process if I made a mistake in my composition it "magically" turned into a vine or some other natural floral looking "thingy". You can see more photos and details of this project and my future projects on my "Spirit Blossoms" blogspot if you are interested.

Working with natural materials such as the gourd was a fun challenge. Feeling its powdery surface, juggling its 3 dimensional shape, and hearing lots of its "innerds" still attached rattling around on the inside was indeed a full artistic experience. From this challenge I, in turn, received an inner sense of peace, a feeling of oneness with nature, and nostalgic touchstone to the ancient past.

Hope you like:)


Anita Davies said...

This looks fantastic Margaret!!!

pedalpower said...

I love all your drawings........and this gourd is amazing. Very beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm definitely putting yours on my list!

pedalpower said...

By the way...the addition of the antlers is beautiful too. How did you attach them?

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks, Anita! It was another new venture for me that seemed to really work out well. :)

Hi, Pedalpower! Thank you also for you kind comments. Glad you enjoyed my work. I will add your blog to mine as well.

I just finished off a lengthy email reply to you regarding the glue and other "chit chat" and it was almost immediately returned...drats!

Anyway, the glue I used is called "Liquid Fusion " and I purchased it at my local Michael's store. Hope this helps-glad you liked the antlers-a good old touchstone from back in the midwest. ;)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I have commented on the gourd work in your other blog - Spirit Blossom. You are definitely added to my favourite blog listings. Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments on my work.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks, Joan. ;)