Friday, February 29, 2008

"To Market...To Market...To Buy A..."

I drew this, EDM #7, a while back...long before the word "blog" became a familiar word in my everyday vocabulary. Bravely, it was drawn from the "get-go" in ink... which might explain why things are a bit askew....and then brightened up a bit with standard colored pencil for some"pop". Everytime I look at it I am reminded that I need to make another trip somewhere for something...

Maybe I'm just unorganized...but today's marketing experiences will include the pharmacy for prescription refills, the post office to mail bills, the local sub shop for lunch (because the fridge is empty), and possibly Pier One Imports for some totally unnecessary "gotta-haves". Did anyone notice my fridge is empty and I neglected to add groceries to this list???

Hmmm...on second thought...I better think more efficiently...and make a list of the things I really need...I wonder if I need to purchase a set of watercolor pencils today, too... ???

To buy a... ;)

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Teri C said...

Hi again. Yes, if you find that information on mandalas, please let me know. I never took a class on it, I just love mandalas and let my hand do whatever comes out. I find it's almost a meditation.

I didn't know you were so close, but you might as well be on the next planet for as much as I get to Phoenix :0