Thursday, July 14, 2011

"From Start...To Finish..."

My Moleskine in the Zentangle Moly_X_ 11 exchange...:)

A blank book...full pens...and an inspired Muse
awaiting their rendezvous with destiny.

My sign in pages...

My pages 1 and 2...

followed by my pages 3 and 4...:)
The medallion lifts in three layers and reads:
"A dot is a line that went for a walk..."
(~Paul Klee)
"A zentangle
is a garden of lines blooming in the mind's eye..."
a magical place where your Muse can
dance, glide and flourish
with delight!"

Following then,
are Cindy Michele's pages 5 and 6...

and Cindy's pages 7 and 8.

are Sandra's pages 9 and 10...

and Sandra's pages 11 and 12...

which, in turn
are followed by Jella's pages 13 and 14...

and Jella's pages 15 and 16.
Everything is beautifully interwoven.

Rounding out my book
are Lisa Rene's pages 17 and 18...

and Lisa's pages 19 and 20.

I have not yet determined if I will add additional pages
to my book.
Sadly, for unforeseen and unknown reasons
my book, thus far, it the only one
has completed the exchange and has returned home.
This is truly bittersweet.
Of grave concern is the whereabouts
and completion levels
of Sandra, Jella, and Lisa's books.
They have not made it past the second rotation.
We each hope and pray that
Cindy is well and that the books will once again fly free.
We have tried endlessly to make contact and resolve this dilemma.
Until then,
My Muse and I hold Cindy's book in safekeeping.

I cherish my book to pieces...she is a special irreplaceable treasure.
To Cindy, Sandra, Jella, and Lisa...
I am deeply grateful for the staggering beauty of your
intertwined artistic expressions
the countless hours of time spent by each of you
while you danced and glided and flourished with your artistic Muses
in my Moly.
You gals are the best!

“Life is inherently risky.
There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs,
and that is the risk of doing
~Denis Waitley


Teri C said...


I hope the other books show up soon. I have lost a few things that way also. Very sad.

Monkie said...

I love it!! Thank you for sharing

Tartanpion said...


christina said...

just beautiful!!!!

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Oh my. This is so so so gorgeous!

Dan Kent said...

Creative, beautiful, masterful - a delight for the eyes - a treasure!! Wow.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This little moley garden was nourished by great minds. Muses that grew well together. It is priceless.

Lynn said...

I thought at first it was all done by you...I was amazed to see that so many others were every bit as good as you at this! Wow. What a treasure it is.

We have a group of books revolving too and five or more of the books have gone "dead" and are not being sent on no matter how much I email; suggest, beg, scream internally...why? Why sign up if you aren't willing or cannot do it; at least send them on so others can. It is a pity. I hope all yours show up soon. I hope ours do too.

Caatje said...

Ooh, pretty pretty! Very nice. I am also glad you used this particular moleskine. I have been looking for one of these with harmonica like pages, can't find them anywhere and was starting to wonder if I had made them up ;-) But they're real! The search continues.

kazumiwannabe said...

Wow, gorgeous! All the styles blend so well together, and everything is so beautiful and creative!

studio lolo said...

I am drop-jawed and speechless!!
What an amazing compilation.
I truly hope the others get completed. It's so hard when someone drops out. Dashed hopes :(

Thanks for sharing this amazing treasure!♥

Ruca said...

These pages are so delicious I looked through them far too quickly! It was as though they were a pile of ripe strawberries and I couldn't resist gobbling them up, even though I knew the pleasure would be gone sooner the faster I ate them. But with these drawings I can go back eat enjoy them again, more slowly, really taking the time to examine each molecule. Thanks so much for posting them. I'm happy to have stumbled upon your site.
Tchao-wow from Portugal.

Mary Walker said...

I love the way the pages flow into each other.

Cathy Holtom said...

Absolutely beautiful, every page!
I like the way the different artist's pages flow into each other.

Louise said...

I am AWESTRUCK with the creativity, vision and passions displayed here!

Sasa said...

Great project, congratulations!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

No wonder you all decided to collaborate. All the artists in this concertina book are in harmony. Wonderful including the text entries. Hope your 'lost' lady is well and will return to the fold soon so the books may continue to fly between four magical artists and astound us all as this finished book has. Thanks for sharing.

Alex said...


Apple said...

That is awesome!!!!

nanke's stuff said...

This book is so beautiful and so special. Don't despair about the missing books. The last book round robin I was in took over a year, but finally everyone got their finished books back. We also had 1 or 2 people we had a hard time contacting, but it all turned out just fine. nancy

Laureline said...

I agree with everyone else... really showstopping!

yoon see said...

Amazing! It's so precious! Love your passion on creative for every pages are unique and leaving impressive inspiration to me.

Thank you Margaret!

Caroline said...

Exquisite work!