Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The China Pattern..."

...on my bread plate
at the historic El Tovar Lodge
seductively enticed me to capture her in my Zen journal.
The El Tovar, opened in 1905, as a Harvey House
is picturesquely situated just a mere
twenty feet from south rim of the Grand Canyon.
The hotel is one of only a handful of Harvey House facilities
that are still in operation,
it is an wonderful example of
National Park Service Rustic architecture.
Our table, dressed in crisp white linens, was fireside.
( romantic!)
Crystal glasses, white china, and silver flatware
sparkled in the sunlight.
It was like stepping back in time.
The room was quietly bustling with activity.
It was elegant, yet, familiar.
Lyrical sounds of various foreign languages
could be softly heard here and there.
Our table instantly became
a welcome, warm and cozy respite from
our hiking along the rim.
It was a
a place to linger...and imagine...and wonder...
about the stories of the travellers
who, decades before us,
sat in our very same places...and, like us,
came here to
enjoy the majesty and inspiration of the canyon beyond.
It was an amazing experience.
We wanted to stay and continue to soak it all in.
I just had to have something
to take back home with me as a remembrance.
Hence, this simple drawing.
She was drawn "ink straight in" (a bit wonky in places)
during our wonderful little lunch and,
by the date,
you can tell that it was made
last fall when we visited the Canyon.
I cannot believe it is just now that this piece
is seeing the light of day!
November seems like eons ago...
funny, how this drawing brings back memories
that feel like
they happened only yesterday!
Time certainly has her way with us!

"Faith is trust
in what the spirit learned
eons ago."
~B.H. Roberts


Miranda said...

Hello Margaret, wow what a beautiful artwork you make! Just found zentangle and there is 'new' world opening for me. Of course I know zentangle but when I 'dived'into all this artwork it really got me.....
I become a follower and certainly I am gonna play with this. Thanks for the inspiration and warm greetz from Holland, Miranda

nanke's stuff said...

I see no wonkiness in this anywhere! It's charming and how special that it brings back such fond memories. nancy

PAK ART said...

I always enjoy your words as much as your art. Certain things do bring back such strong memories. Every once in awhile I will smell something in the air and it will take me back to my teens or early twenties to a specific situation. It is amazing to me how our minds work!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A sweet drawing. It has obviously evoked some wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Grand Canyon ~ next visit! jgl:)

Anonymous said...

Nature is majestic, and one of the saddest things we've done as humans is move away from it. Beautiful post.

Alex said...

Such a cool design! Would make a great emblem =)