Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"A Bunch of Bees..."

...buzzin' by for a summertime blog encore.
Funny how many
Midwest bugs, bees, wasps, and other insect critters
I have forgotten about.
I think I am missing Arizona in this catagory...:)

"When the bee comes to your house,
let her have beer;
you may want to visit the bee's house some day."
~Congo Proverb


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful bugs Peg. It is that buggy time of year here in the midwest.

studio lolo said...

These are beautiful! Yes, buggy muggy weather, for sure!

I love the quote too, because bees do seem to gather around beer :)

Anonymous said...

They are perfect! jgl:)

Barbara Weeks said...

Beautiful little gems!

marianne said...

I only know one kind...;(

Have a nice day♥

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

WOW!! Love the details.

Ruca said...

REALLY nice!