Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Glistening Spirit Fish..."

...will be swimming his way tomorrow through
the US postal jet stream
to his new home in Finland and into the art studio of
an iATC trading friend.
Within the bright sparkle of his eye
he carries with him the power and strength
of the Finnish sky god Ukko.
like his other mythological sky-god brothers,
Zeus and Thor,
wields control through the use of powerful thunderbolts.
the next time you look up in the sky
and catch a flash of bright light in the corner of your eye,
it just might be the spirit fish of Ukko
swimming about...
keeping order in great sea of the cosmos.

“Do not tell fish stories
where the people know you;
but particularly,
don't tell them where they know the fish.”
~Mark Twain


Susan Roux said...

Very interesting and lovely! Finland? Wow congrats.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am always facinated that you can get so much color and texture on an ATC. This is a good one. Your exchange friend will love it.

EVA said...

This one is especially magnificent. Wow!

Anonymous said...

:) jgl:)

studio lolo said...

ooooh, once again you have me longing to do atc's. What's stopping me??

This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and vibrant!

Caroline said...

Love this one! Is there a series coming on I wonder?